Friday, May 11, 2012

She's Dead, Jim. 'Ringer' Canceled.

Well, even though it was a guilty pleasure (painfully shameful, really), the CW didn't agree with that notion and decided not to renew Ringer, it was announced today.

Probably for the best since Smidge is preggers now. Since they already used that particular storyline up, there would've been a LOT more coats and strategically placed bags in Season 2 anyway. Then again, the show was so twisty/turny and completely implausible, who knows? Siobhan could've become pregnant with newly gay Agent Machado's Quintuplets via turkey baster method and it wouldn't have seemed unreasonable after an episode or two. Oh, Ringer with your horrible green screen effects, it's time to join your brethren in the afterlife and rest in peace now.

Also on the chopping block was Secret Circle, but somehow Nikita managed to pull through for a 3rd season. Who woulda thunk it?  The CW also picked up 5 new series and renewed the hotties in Supernatural for an 8th season. Yay!

Now Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mr. Whedon, please heed these words: Since the schedules are freed up please consider making a REAL BUFFY MOVIE ALREADY GAH! Is it that fricking difficult?! Joss you probably have a dozen extra million hanging around after Avengers, let's do this!


elainecleo said...

I watched Ringer, but the acting by everyone was so bad, not sorry to see it go. Could never get a connection with the character on The Secret Circle, just did not care what happened to them, so no tears from me.

My 2 favorite shows on TV is Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, but also love Hart of Dixie and hope CW renews that one.

Tara said...

I'm with you on every point, elaine. Watched Secret Circle then dropped it like a bad habit. Supernatch and TVD are some of my faves and I also watch that honey tonk of a show Hart of Dixie sometimes. It's a weird little show but Summer from The OC is cute in it. The good news is The CW did renew it for a 2nd season.

As far as Ringer goes, it sucked. It was so crazy but I'm ashamed to admit I did have to watch every ep toward the end....what with the secret pregnancies and secret lesbianism and secret drug addiction and secret faux rape accusations. You probably can't get much worse than that so I'm glad Smidge is off it, but I do wish those twins got to meet face to face (as bad as that would've looked.) Can't help it!