Saturday, January 26, 2013

A loving homage/review of Doctor Horrible? Yes, please!

Recently, friend and Channel Awesome producer, Paw Dugan, decided it was time to bring something... Horrible to his review series, Music Movies.  The result is a super fun video that I was fortunate enough to play a very small part in making.  Guest appearances also from the Nostalgia Chick's nerd girl, Nella, and everyone's favorite maestro of video game parodies, brentalfloss.

So sit back, relax, laugh maniacally to yourself, and enjoy!


Tara said...

OMG Dan you are great in that as a Bad Horse Courier Choir boy! Ha!

Watching this really brought back the love for Doc Horrible. However, I will say *What The Hell* to the worst song being "A Man's Gotta Do"! I LOVE that song. My vote for worse probably would've been either "Slipping" or "Everyone's a Hero) (both from Act 3) although I really don't hate anything about this thing. It's my fave Joss Whedon thing EVER.

Anyhoo, that review kicked ass. Awesome job to all. Think I'll go watch Doc Horrible on the sofa now.

Kaaren said...

I'll have to agree on "Everyone's a Hero" as worst, but I *loved* "Slipping." So creepy good.

I just realized that "Bitsy's" the middle choir guy based on your comment. Fun!