Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy the Beachtown Slayer

Well it's been crazy, to say the least. Last week here we planned on posting our interview with Jane Espenson and kicking off the Holiday season by starting our annual Whedonverse Ornament Swap but that plan went to hell when as you know by now, we got our asses kicked by Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully we'll get to that other stuff this week.

I can't complain too much, my family and friends are safe and I feel I was given a big break. For those that follow us on Twitter you prolly saw my bitching and moaning about not having power for 4 days and I definitely was starting to crack. Blow-drying my hair in the morning with the car's heating vent while charging my phone at the same time, using multiple coolers (unsuccessfully) as a refrigerator and listening to 1010Wins AM on an old walkman every night to get news by candlelight with 3 blankets on. But these things seem almost silly compared to the total devastation others went through. I feel guilty even sitting here with a computer now. It's really bad out there and just getting colder by the day, all of a sudden. Today we brought some clothes, blankets and food to the people displaced in Hoboken and you should've seen the long line of people freezing outside that just lost everything. Sucks. If you're in the area and want to get over there, that donation center is at Hoboken High School on 8th and Clinton, Hoboken NJ. We also added a link on our right sidebar, if you have the means to donate.

From the awesome Shore to Staten Island, to the small harbortowns just ruined by water, to the Breezy Point fire of 100+ homes and two massive oil spills in the region, not to mention the hundreds of huge trees down everywhere and of course all the people who have died....any single one of these news stories would be the biggest of the week, but there are so many at the same time that it's hard to keep track. I don't know how it is for the rest of the country, but the hurricane news is on 24 hrs a day here on some channels. And there are still *so* many people without power. I have someone staying with me now because they STILL don't have electricity or heat and they live right across the street! Man I am sure counting every one of my lucky stars tonight.

This bitch Sandy.  Don't remember her?
She got sired by VampWillow and bit Riley for kicks.
Can't really blame her for the destruction of the North East,
but I feel like taking it out on since it's Buffy,
this girl is gettin' it. Sorry actress Megan Grey.

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