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Spoliers - Live Twitter #EspensonChat Recap

Well, last night's live twitter chat with Jane Espenson was hard core! And we're happy to report that the hashtag became a trending topic later in the night. Fandom in full effect.

During the chat, we were lucky enough to have special guests Drew Z. Greenburg of Whedonverse fame and Husband's co-creator Brad Bell (aka Cheeks) on board as well! For anyone who missed it, please see a full recap below of all questions that were answered:

**Please be warned. There are a slew of spoilers on here for all types of things including, but not limited to: Husbands, Warehouse 13, Buffy, Buffy Season 9 and a LOT of Once Upon a Time discussion. If you want to remain spoiler-free for any of those titles, we'd strongly suggest diverting your eyes for this one.**

Hello tweeps! Please give a warm welcome to Whedonverse greats &  and  of 'Husbands' fame 

CHAT! Ask me,  &/or , but use the hashtag  We'll respond directly to you, so search the tag to see all.

To refresh --  wrote Buffy, Warehouse 13, and writes Buffy comics with me including today's new "Billy issue".

Hello, all. I am ready for my . Which I assume is where we talk about French cats who resemble . cc

Are we  ing? I was on a writing sprint. Talk to me lovelies. How does the evening find you?

  what's the oldest loose plot thread in Buffy (i.e. Marcy the invisible girl) that you'd bring back if you could?
 Great question. That's a good one. I always wanted there to have been duplicate John Ritter robots. 
 what was your fave Buffy episode?
 The musical. 

   Should there be romantic tension between a watcher and a slayer?
 Seems to me it would depend upon the watcher and slayer. It def complicates the relationship, right? 
  In many, it could be disastrous. But every now and then a pairing might draw strength from that love.

 What do you dream to write in ?Maybe about your favorite fairytale character or something else? :)
 I would like to write more romance. But not just the happy moments. Great romances have troubled middles. 

 If you could write for one show you never have (past or present), which would it be? 
 I loved MASH. But I might have to say season one of Glee -- loved it so much and right in my wheelhouse.

 Why, despite advances in other areas, do u think Scifi/fantasy still lags in developing. canon queer storylines?
 I wish I knew. If I had to guess, I'd say we as a society still hold onto some stereotypes, and with genre being so much about action, some people are reluctant to see gay people participating. But I think those walls are coming down, if slowly. (I'm hoping  is right!) 
 I just find it frustrating that 1 area of TV that really *could* break boundaries seems surprisingly hesitant too
 I'm very proud of what we've done with Steve on. A gay man who's as action-oriented as the others.
 Selfishly, I admit I was/am hoping for some more depth to HG&Myka's relationship. It was so wonderfully developed
 Myka and HG's story isn't over. 
I think I just developed angina. D'; RT  Myka and HG's story isn't over. 

   On the show? My fave arc was the Buffy-Spike relationship. 
 I loved Angelus. And The Nerd Trio. And Buffy coming back from the dead. And Faith.  
   LOVE the nerd trio! Season six was my favorite! 
 You have excellent taste.
   Oh yes, the nerd trio. Tom Lenk and Danny Strong remain dear friends of mine!

 is the HG spinoff terminated? 
 I wish I had info about it! 

 Will Rumple be reverting to his old self at all ("crocodile" skin, giggling, etc.) this season? 
 You will see lots of Rumple being Rumple -- oh, you mean in Storybrooke? Can't say, but I love him playing both.

 Will there be a flashback episode of Rumpelstiltskin before the Ogre War and meeting Milah.
 I'd say so. Those are the kind of time periods we leave open for a reason so the years ahead will be fertile.

 I loved Angelus. And The Nerd Trio. And Buffy coming back from the dead. And Faith.  

 what was your fave Buffy episode?
 The musical. 

 Love Skin Deep. Always been perplexed as to what Lana was playing when giving a rose to the nurse. Wasn't it Valentine's Day?
 It was the kind of gift one gives to nurses on holidays. They appreciate ways to brighten their stations. 

 Is there a storyline you have ever been disappointed in how it turned out? If you could, anything you'd re-do? 
 So many, but there are so many people involved in each mistake that I don't want to draw them into my shame.

  Jane, what can I say....where is Rumbelle??
 We have a lot of characters, so some get sidelined for practical reasons. You'll see more! 

  No question. I just wanted to say started rewatching Buffy from the beginning tonight. Just cause
  Good for you! Hope it ages well!

 great comic! Who would win in a fight, Billy The Vampire Slayer or Thor? PS the fight is about who has better hair
 Obviously Chris Evans would win. Duh.

 Will there be a flashback episode when Rumpelstiltskin was a young teenager or even a child in the future.
 I wouldn't be a bit surprised. You know, at some point.  

 What advice would Willow give Regina about getting over her magic addiction?   
   How did you get into TV show writing? 
   I got into the ABC/Disney writing fellowship. I recommend it! 

 Hi! Hanging out for new WH13. Why is Myka so 'deeply uncurious' about HG's whereabouts? She's so nosy normally. 
 I like to think, once HG had her freedom, Myka knew HG had to go explore the world. Which she did have to do, btw.

  Favorite  moment you've had? 
  One time, she said, "What's it like working with me? Like seeing the inside of a cuckoo clock." Killed

 Will there be a flashback episode of when Ruby and Archie met in their animal forms in Enchanted Forest.
 Oh dear! Wolf versus cricket! Poor Archie!

 Favorite Warehouse 13 character to write?
 I love them all, but differently! Myka's most like me, Pete lets me be funny, Claudia says what I wish I could...

 Cheeks, I'm loving the Husbands comic!! :) was it hard to transition from writing the show to a comic book?
 At first. I wouldn't say hard, more like slow. I wasn't used to the format, but by Ish 3 or so, it was quick. 

    If you would write a spinoff show for one Buffy character, who would it be?

 Thanks for fab S4 Torchwood. Do you have no/some/total say which OUAT eps you write? Desperate Souls a fave'. 
 Thanks! I get the ep that comes up next in the rotation. But sometimes I make eyes at one in hopes of getting it. 

 What do you dream to write in ?Maybe about your favorite fairytale character or something else? :)
 I would like to write more romance. But not just the happy moments. Great romances have troubled middles. 
 I would love that! Great romances are my passion! Do you want to write that for any specific 
 I want to write about all the couples that we don't even know about yet on the show. 

   I know most people think it's whack, but I'm a Buffy-Riley guy myself. He just wanted to love her!
 I'm with you on the Buffy-Riley match.  
  Yay! I though I was the only one. :D 

    If you would write a spinoff show for one Buffy character, who would it be?
 Halfrek. Without hesitation. 

 Oh many things! I love Disney movies, Greek Myths, and Shakespeare... can't you see  as Puck?
Puck & Pan gay love affair! Who's with me?  RT  Can't you see  as Puck?

 Is there a possibility of a Henry-centric OUAT episode? Id love to see baby Henry and his life pre-belief in the curse :)
 Anything is possible, but casting baby actors can be very challenging. 

  What is the most difficult part of the writing process and how do you overcome it? 
 For me: the initial breaking. A white board can be very intimidating. I'm happy once we have beats. 
  I'm bad at structure -- rely on others, including Drew and , to help me. 
   You're really good at knowing when the structure isn't right though! 

 Will we see the Fantasia villian Chernobog on Once
 Well, as a  fan, I find that a delightful idea.

 Being a good friend of Danny Strong, happy about his recent Emmy win? & how did your congratulations call go?
  I just want it to be known that, during the Emmys, Danny said to me, "Jane taught me how to write."

 Joyce, of course. Tara, of course. That Roswell kid in "Lie To Me," he died, right? 
 ... but to my mind, Fred's death was the most painful of all. I was on the floor.  
   Joyce. Mom. That's the saddest ever. 

   Ooh another Q what's ur fave thing you've created, whether a scene/ep/comic/character? 
   I might be creating my favorite thing ever as we speak... 
 I'm fond of Claudia on . And Vanessa. And a certain character this Apr...  

Jane and Drew, now that the 'Billy' arc is over, do you plan on collaborating on another Whedonverse story any time soon?
  And remember that the arc ends with him working with Buffy... there can be more there. 

 and I don't think he wants to be that man anymore. Sorry for rambling; am I off base?
 We are going to dig deeper into the Rumple past and psychology. So deep! 

 Are you a Star Wars fan? Would you be into the job of writing Episode 7? If the position hadn't been filled?
 I am a fan. I am a writer for the new Star Wars:Detours show. But I don't write movies. Not for me. 

 Do you know if there is going to be any *substantial* on , or should we Rumbellers just throw in the towel?
 Don't throw in the towel. I don't want to say too much, but we love Rumple and Belle. 

 How will Emma react when Neal comes to Storybrooke 
 Are you so sure he's coming to SB? 

 do you ever have anxiety about a new writing project and what do you do to get past that? Thanks! 
 All the time. But if I have colleagues or partners like or , that makes it better.
   There's a great story out there in the ether. You get to bring it out! That's exciting.
   thanks! I'm trying to write a college admissions essay & i'm really nervous. 
   Ahh! Well, try different versions. Nothing you write has to be permanent. 
  Just write and write as much as you can with no intent to ever show it. Then edit that. Boom! A paper
   the ? is what would you do if you couldn't fail. My answer is work for jim Henson co.
   Good answer. If I couldn't write, I'd like to work in a zoo. 
 Oh but we do work in a zoo, my dear. We do.

The first season of Husbands was many short episodes & the second was fewer long ones.Which of the formats do you guys prefer? 
 Had I my druthers, they'd play in full 22 minute episodes. Every week. Full season. 

 who is your favourite character out if all the OUAT characters? 
 I love Rumple. But they're all fun. 

 Why was Leena's character so actively ignored after such a promising first season throughout the 4 years?
 I'm sorry you're unhappy about Leena's death. I like her, too, and I'm also sad. But I disagree with your premise.

 Love that there is a Husbands, has a Wives been drafted? 
  So much of Husbands comes from Brad's heart. Other writers might be needed to give Wives that.
  For sure. I'd happily run the Wives room, but I couldn't write with the same specific POV.

 Will Jared Gilmore and Robert Carlyle have more scenes together this season 

Is there anything you people haven't had a hand in?   
   Glee and The Good Wife. I think that's it. 
 They haven't let us anywhere near the budget crisis.  

Which Buffy character would you have dated?   
 I would've been hitting on Xander mercilessly, but I don't think I would've had much luck.  
   Again, gotta go with Riley. 

 Is there a particular reason why Regina never had a child in FTL? And will it be explained? 
 Interesting question that wouldn't have occurred to me. I never had a child, and never think of explaining it.

 Will Emma and Mr. Gold's relationship change when she comes back to Storybrooke 
 Well, she does owe him that favor. They say calling in favors changes things. You know, if that happens. 

   Buffy character you relate to the most & why? 
   Buffy. Being chosen and pretty is serious baggage. You have no idea.
 Heh. Sometimes Dawn. But sometimes Angel. I'm complicated.   

 Will we ever learn Snow's mother's name? I mean, I am kinda curious about it.. 
 "Will we ever..." questions are impossible to answer. Show isn't planned for its entire run. It's possible!

 I have spent literally the last week n a half discussing ur show w a PhD student in Pittsburg.Really dissecting it is our joy!
 Ooh! Good! That's what we do in the room all day! Best job ever! 

 Any chance Regina's gonna get some love (either from Henry or anyone)? Because she keeps losing losing losing :/
 She does seem to be on a tough road right now. Sometimes that means someone who loves her is very close.

  Could you give a tease for episode 12? Hear you're pretty excited about it.
 I AM! There is some great moral shading in the episode. Lots of shades of gray. 

Which Buffy character would you most like to kill?   
   I fantasized about killing Dawn quite often. All kinds of gruesome things I'd do to her.
 How dare you, sir. How dare you.  
   We love our Dawn! I'd kill... hm...I couldn't kill any of them. I even love the villains!
   I know, but I would've totally pushed her off that tower. Screw sacrifice. 

   Where do you draw inspiration from? Especially for villains? 
   I often think about what I'd do. ESPECIALLY for villains. 
 Villains? Film Noir, comedic diva villains (Ursula etc), ancient mythology. 
 Does that make it easier or more difficult to write for a villain then?
 Villains are often easy because they have strong wants and no reluctance to take action. 

   Speaking of Spuffy,IYO,who was it, Bangle or Spuffy for the win? (HUGE Spuffy fan ;)
  I always loved Spike with Buffy.

 Hi Jane, can you give us a hint as to why Emma and Regina were able to open that portal? 
 Looked kinda magic-y to me. 

 How do you think Emma will react when she finds out that Mr. Gold has a son. 
 I don't think she will be gut-shot by him having a son. Other revelations, however, will floor her! 

Which magical creature would you love to play on   
   I'm no actor. But I want to fly in the rig the fairies use on the green screen stage!

 if you were allowed to bring 1 character from a previous show into the Once universe, who would it be and why?
 Great question. Captain Jack from Torchwood, I guess!

 Does Ruby remind you of Anya? I could so see her in the Scooby Gang. 
 I hadn't make that connection, but I do think Ruby, Leroy and others could be seen as a Scooby Gang. 

 might  develop a mythology like X-files? Or continue with single season "big bads?" & What would u like 2 C?
 I feel like we've developed an incredibly rich and complex mythology WHILE establishing season-long stories.

 What was it like working with Joss in 'Husbands'?
 I'd known him for a while as a friend, so it was all about hanging out, having fun. Lots of banter. 

 will we get to see a Henry centered episode?
 Henry doesn't have a Fairy Tale counterpart, or a long past, and casting would be hard. A challenge. 

 Will we see Nova back on the show? I think a Belle, Ruby, Nova friendship could be fun. 
 We LOVE LOVE LOVE  -- we would love to have Nova back when we have the right story. 

 Will Regina and Snow's broken relationship get focus? I feel it's so underused yet so interesting. 
  YES, it feels like Regina & Snow have so much potential, will it ever be explored? 
  "will it ever..." questions are impossible to ask. But, yes, I'm sure we'll explore that!

Whoo! Thank you so much for chatting with me,  and! You guys are amazing! Good night 
Thanks all! And thanks ! Night, !
Well that's it! Thank you so much   & for joining us - it's been an absolute pleasure!
Well that's it! Thank you so much   & for joining us - it's been an absolute pleasure!

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