Monday, September 2, 2013

Animal Crossing Town Tune: Redux!

We just found out that today is our 5 year anniversary on Twitter. Good times! I remember back then, I knew no one IRL that was on Twitter...they were the new kid social media on the block. But Michelle had just secured our very first interview (Kelly Armstrong - writer of the IDW Angel comics at the time) and so we decided to try some new ones out to spread the word. Twitter soon became our fave site for reaching out to the Buffyverse fandom and remains so to this day. Thanks for being born Twitter!

Another thing that was happening around that time was Bitsy and my addiction to Animal Crossing. We would sit there for hours giving the animals explicit catch phrases and we eventually put our heads together to create the custom town tune. We ended up with you guessed it...the Buffy theme song.

Recently, however, I received an email from someone playing the new Animal Crossing game "New Leaf". He was happy he found our recipe for the "Buffy" town tune but chided me for it as he found it "lacking." Haha! Oh internets. Anyway, it turns out he used our framework to make a better one and although that burns my ass...I kinda agree.

So without further ado, the new and improved Buffy Town Tune for Animal Crossing: New Leaf - created by Drguyks:

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