Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guns Don't Kill People...Joss Kills People.

I love this! So we were recently introduced to Once Upon a Tee, which is a website that offers weekly collections of limited tees for $12 based on theme. They've done a Star Wars collection, then Game of Thrones and now Joss Whedon, natch.

Their Whedon collection consists of eight super-cute designs from artists all over the world. Each unique and captures a different element of Joss and his work. I'm LOVING the "Guns don't kill people..." what with the Suessical font and Grr Argh Joss. Ha! But they really are all pretty fab. And 12 bucks! Can't beat that with a bat. The collection expires on Sept 16th, so if you're thinking of buying one get on that.

Check it and linkage:

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