Monday, November 3, 2008

Election '08

On October 24th, we posted a fun article about the nomination of Giles for President. With the U.S. elections just one day away, the Buffyfest Bloggers got so inspired that we decided to finish this list and create our very own Presidential Cabinet. Buffy-style, of course.
Rupert Giles – President

We’ve seen Giles makes some tough decisions on the Hellmouth. Time and time again, he’s researched and analyzed before rushing into war. His skills as an Executive, as well as a Commander in the field, make him the perfect person to serve the highest office in the land.

Wesley Wyndam Pryce – Vice President

Like Giles, Wesley knows what it’s like to make the tough decisions. Studying at the same institution and his understanding and rapport with Mr. Giles, will make him an excellent supplement to the Office of the President. He’s also been known to take charge when the leader is unable. Just ask Angel.

Daniel 'Oz' Osborne – Secretary of State

With his extensive traveling record through touring with Dingoes Ate My Babies and his Wolf-cure pilgrimage, he’s sure to understand the state of the union and abroad. Oz also has the essential ability to smooth over any fight. Plus, everyone loves Oz!

Buffy Summers – Secretary of Defense

The Battle of the Hellmouth and the defeat of Glory have only been a few of the wars Buffy Summers has won. Her strategy experience, as well as her fighting techniques, makes her the perfect person to hold this office.

Willow Rosenberg – Secretary of Education

From the moment she took over Ms. Calendar's Computer classes, Willow Rosenberg has been a champion for education.

Angel – Director of Nation Intelligence

Angel has the distinctive skill of stealth. His battle experience, world traveling and historical knowledge will help strengthen our National Intelligence community.

Cordelia Chase – Secretary of Transportation

When it comes to transportation, no one has saved so many lives through the use of their car. Whether it be a quick get-away or a fancy event at the local Fraternity House, Cordelia has the lock on transportation.

Anya Jenkins – Secretary of the Treasury

Budget deficit, what budget deficit? There is no way Anya would let any of our money go to waste. With a thousand years of experience, your money is in good hands.

Xander Harris - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Buffy’s house would be a demolition site if not for the building skills of Xander Harris. With his years as a construction worker and contractor, Xander knows his way around the Hellmouth and beyond.

Principle Synder – Homeland Security

A strict disciplinarian with a dictator-like personality, Principle Snyder can see an enemy from a mile away. Plus, rules and restrictions are his favorite forte.

Winifred Burkle – Secretary of Health and Human Services

As a Physics student at UCLA and head of Wolfram and Hart's Science Division, Fred has the ability to move our nation towards a healthier tomorrow.

Tara Maclay – Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

With her extensive knowledge of healing spells and her reverence for nature, the earth is in good hands with Tara Maclay.

Faith Lehane, Charles Gunn and Spike - Secret Service Agents

An important job in any administration is keeping our leaders safe. These three have shown time and time again that they are strong in battle.
They’ve even been on the wrong side of the law themselves, so they have a unique understanding of the criminal minds that lurk in the shadows.


TiLT said...

They'd get my vote!

left you something on my blog :)

Tara said...

awesome! that was really nice of you to think of us, thanks :) We'll post some friends tomorrow.

Hey Tilt, are you and your fabulous creations going to join the ornament swap?

Tara said...

Ha! "with a thousand years of experience, your money is in good hands."

so true.

Michelle said...

Thanks Tilt.

Sla said...

LOL I love this "
Cordelia Chase – Secretary of Transportation"

Sooo True.

great cabinet!


David Mello said...

I have a answer to your Buffy Cabinet with a Firefly Cabinet. Just click here to see what we'd get.

wail of ignorance said...

This is also innovative in that seven of them are already dead.

Caillan said...

My first instinct here was to point out that in order to be President, you'd have to have been born in the USA. Sorry Giles...

Still, these guys have defeated bigger things than a silly little constitution, and I think Giles would make a great prez. This was a really good list, I especially enjoyed seeing Anya incharge of the treasury.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Giles for president!

He'd get my vote. :)

Anonymous said...

Well sure Giles would have to be born American and besides, 1/2 of this cabinet is dead. Now I may be labeled a kill joy but a true creatively inclined person would take current events into consideration before posting a truly fictitious and unbelievable list of candidates because again 1/2 of this cabinet is dead within the Buffy/Angel verse.
Hey don't jump down my throat, it was Joss's decision to kill everybody off not mine.

(the Guy You Love to Hate)

Tara said...

True, they are dead. They are also vampires, witches and demons. So....there's that.

More importantly, even with the little dead problem they are still better than Bush's cabinet. Heh.

Tara said...

It's a joke everyone! It's not real. Just some fiction fun.

Skytteflickan88 said...

I love this. You really put some thought into it.

Anonymous said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

this is amazing i luv it!