Sunday, November 30, 2008

**UPDATE** Dr. Horrible DVD

The Dr. Horrible DVD just got price slashed to $13.49 and is not #63 on the list! Buy 2 and get free shipping over at Amazon. I wonder how many sold so far?


Kali said...

Thanks for the update--this is incredible news! And to think there's probably no advertising for the DVD outside of the internet.

onebrothersview said...

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do a Buffy movie, our whole family has been dying to see it since it went off the air. Like many others, we have all seasons in our collection and quite often pull them out for what we call "Buffy nights" or Buffy weekends". So we'd definitely love to be able to add to our collection. Ofcourse the movie just wouldn't be the same if any of the characters were to change, so if it ever did become possible for them all to get together long enough to do it...I'll be first in line to see it :)