Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Musings on Twilight (no...not the vampire-lit!)

The Big Bad of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's eighth season made his first appearance in the debut issue of the series. Those ominous floating boots. From that moment my mind was filled with ideas, possibilities, even hopes of who that was. In the issues to follow we were given small clues, wisps of information on this new menace, a symbol of a setting sun, it's followers bearing that same mark. Even a spell book, engraved with insignia of Twilight. It was not until Issue 9, the conclusion of Faith's arc No Future For You that we see the 'ominous boots' make another appearance.Continue Reading...

A meeting between Lt. Molter, and Twilight (it is then confirmed that is his name) takes place atop a strange plateau not unlike the one from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. From this meeting we can decipher many things, actually. The first being that the military is going with any means necessary to eliminate Buffy Summers and all that follow her. They want to rid the world of Slayers. The second is that Twilight aims to end the 'age of magic'. But he does not want to simply fight, he wants to manipulate the players on the chess-board to fight one another. To wage the war for him. Finally, the most important aspect of this meeting was that we got to get a good look at the guy. I feel that it is important to note that he is fully clothed, with not an inch of skin exposed. Does this sound of any 'vampire-alerts'? Or is it just a device to throw us off? Also worth noting, is that he wears a mask that covers his entire head. This suggests that it is a character we know, but that could also be a throw off.

The next meeting is between the man himself, Twilight, and Buffy. After quickly dispatching fellow Slayer Satsu, Twilight takes Buffy for a ride. And ass-kicking ride. All the while giving a few more clues as to who he might be underneath the mask. The first of which being his opening statement, "The Chosen One. Always in pain...and always complaining. Just like a girl." (does he know her?) and, "I know that move Slayer." Referring to Buffy's attempt to slice him up the middle like she did to Season 7's mysoginistic menace, Caleb. Okay okay, hold on right here! There were only a limited number of people present during Buffy's brawl with Caleb in the Egyptian tomb! Angel, Spike, Caleb and Buffy herself. Judging by that alone, we have three suspects to who Twilight might be. And his outfit and mask would make sense if it were Angel/Angelus or Spike, as vampires need protection from the sunlight. We know Caleb is dead, as The First Evil even mentioned to Buffy in Chosen. So I doubt it would be him, it just wouldn't be "big" enough to justify hiding his identity. Moving on, we then learn that he has been monitoring Buffy for some time, "...I watched you and the witch; it seemed that you didn't like flying." After catapulting Buffy through a steeple, and onto a roof he says, "I just hate to see you cry." Yet another thing that alludes to him knowing her. It also sounds like something Angelus would say with his aloof yet menical demeanor. The next except is important:

"One Slayer was all right. But all these girls...the world can't contain them. And they will suffer for that. I'll not kill you now. My first gift is my last. I know that you meant well.
But you have brought about disaster. And it falls to me to avert it. Have you made a difference? Have your Slayers helped change anything in this world? Have they helped you?"

This is what will be an on-going theme for Buffy. Did she do the right thing in sharing her power? The best villains are those that are partly correct. Twilight isn't wrong in thinking this way. He aims to strip her of her moral certainty. Her belief that she is doing the right thing...saving the world. As he does say, Buffy has always believed she is on the right side. But is she? Slayers worldwide are going rogue and joining the ranks of Simone, a slayer gone bad. So it goes both ways, and I think we will see this develop further. Future Slayer Fray even remarks that it was better "when there was only one".

Over the course of the most recent arc, we saw Twilight along with his cohorts Warren (skinless!) and Amy the witch fire a magically embued missile at the Scotland base. Effectively leaving the place in shambles and forcing Xander and Dawn to seek refuge in a nearby forest, later to be rescued, foiling Warren and Amy's plan. Twilight though, seemed unphased by their utter failure to take out Xander and his squad. The last development we have for this plot is the reveal that our own Riley Finn has aligned himself with Twilight! He is their "mole", the "inside man". To me personally, it feels like a retcon. Out of place and out of character for Riley. He is too sweet and too good to ever want to see Buffy killed. Part of Twilight's agenda previously was to have Buffy murdered at the hand of Genevieve Savidge and Roden. We now know that it was Riley who confirmed that Buffy lived to the Big Bad as well as to the military. Could Riley be playing both sides, and really be on Buffy's? Is he also her "legitimate funding" as well? All of this remains to be seen, but either way this ups the ante and adds another layer to this story. If it's true that he has gone to the other side, then Twilight is a mastermind. Funding Buffy, but also trying to manipulate her position in the world so she is targeted by the US Government. I'm very curious to see how this all plays out. Either way, my theory that Riley was Twilight has been staked.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea that Riley is a "triple-agent" actually loyal to Buffy. A lot will depend on whether that tattoo gives Twilight any kind of mystical control over its wearers.

I don't have any good theories about Twilight's identity... but he sure employs a lot of magic for someone intent on ridding the world of magic.

In the "Fray" timeline, he's probably the one who banished the demons and thus rendered the Slayers obsolete for 200 years... but will it play out that way here? If he fails, what effect will that have on Fray's time? After the events of ToYL, is Fray's timeline still even continuous with Buffy's?

joshua said...

I really believe Twilight is related to Willow. She killed all the other Slayers according to Fray . Also, we need an explanation of her 100% change.

It might be Tara.

1) Tara is deeply connected to Willow and could be a reason for her futurous change
2) Tara has a reason to end the "age of magic" due to her witnessing of what magic can leads to
3) Tara is strongly related to Warren -- her change could be illustreted by working together with him
4) I would'nt take "I know this move" too serious. Its probably just a hint, that we know the person behind Twilight. It can't be Angel(us) or Spike. Either of them are too losely connected to the Buffyverse. Also, Angel is published not by Dark Horse, thus there might be a right conflict preventing using Angel and/or Spike. Finally, both of them are trapped in another dimension. Thats says quite literally that there is no connection to Scotland or even the US of A.
5) Tara is/was dead, thats for sure. We saw when Buff was dead, what it can does with people. So there would also be a possible explanation for her change, what is, I have to admit, the biggest gap in my theory.

What do you think about that? Its the best explanation, I guess. All the other options are so lame.

imsped said...

New to the site but love the mystery behind Twilight. I just wanted to to state somethings 'cause I am dying to talk about this comic book with some people who like Joss and buffy.

1. Who is the traitor? Is it Riley or is it Willow. Riley clearly is working for the government which has always been "evil." It also seems like Willow had a part in the whole "end of magic" battle. I think she started off on the good side but turned nuts after the battle. Probably because Kennedy got killed but aren't we kinda over Willow Schitzing out over dead girlfriends. So played out. I think the real traitor is going to be Andrew. Reason will be explained below.

2. Twilight? Who is this guy? My theory is that he's a clone of buffy. The Monks made dawn out of Buffy's blood through magic. Why couldn't the army genetically clone a male Buffy using both magic and science. I think Anya stated in season 3 that science and magic intertwine. Twilight didn't necesarily have to be at the fight between Caleb and Buffy. He could have seen it in his dreams. He could have seen it through a crystal ball. So many possibilities. But Spike and Angel are out of the question. Also, we all know that men can't be slayers. A girl has to be mystically chosen. What if the male clone of Buffy, was vamped by the government probably by drusilla,(always happy to include her in the story) given a soul 'cause Amy is a very capable witch, and given a magical boost like Giles in the season 6 finale to become the ultimate warrior for what the government thinks is right. This could also explain why Twilight is covered up all the time.


My other theory is that instead of being vamped, Buffy's clone is imbued with the essence of a demon like the shadow men did to the first slayer. Amy is strong maybe not as strong as Willow but her magic seems to be strong. And we never really find out what sort of demon was used as the source of the slayer power. And who in the Buffy verse is well versed in demonology? ANDREW. Warren could totally be using Andrew as his butt monkey again and we know Andrew had a weird gay thing for Warren. The demon essence they used could totally be the essence of a flying demon which explains why Twilight is not only strong but can fly too. Why not create a male slayer that the government has mind warped into this super slayer machine.

They have always wanted to harness the power of the supernatural and they especially have always wanted to manipulate Buffy except her will was too strong. The solution make another Buffy but this time make it a man. We all know Joss loves the paradox of what it means to be man and woman and let's face it. Buffy and twilight want the same thing in the end. They just have different methods.


And this is my last theory and it goes back to the season 4. Remember when the scoobies did that enjoining spell. They not only called upon the first slayer but they also merged. What if the consequences of that was that a being was created. Remember in season 6 when after Buffy was resurrected, the spell cause another being to come into the real world. Same principle. A strong spell was done, a being was created. And this brings me to the duster that twilight is wearing. In that season 4 finale when they were doing the enjoining spell, Spike was there too. What if part of spike also got mixed into the spell and the new being. This could very well explain why the being likes to wear dusters. The government got wind that a super strong weirdo is causing mischief and they take him, and train him to be their own warrior. For all we really know, Twilight could have existed since the end of season 4 all the way through to 7 and is only now making himself known, And seriously, you think with powerful buffy around, you think the government was racking their brains how to get her power or use her power for their own benefit? It's the government.

Some food for thought.

nmcil said...

One thing about the comment Twiglight makes about knowing Buffy's moves - Harth knows more about Slayers than anyone in the Fray timeline - he has access to all the slayers through their dreams - at least that is my understanding.

Also with the idea that Buffy has a clone - didn't we see Fray with the same tattoo that Buffy has just below her waist. Don't know if that was just an special little treat for the fans or significant.

I would not be at all surprised if Twiglight is not the Head Big Bad, but a general or political arm for a superior.