Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plastic Surgery in the Buffyverse

Eliza had surgery? She looks the same to me but this site claims to see something. Yeah I know it's trashy supermarket rag type gossip. What? It's funny. Click the pic to enlarge.

A Doctor on Just Jared commented once on this picture (Click the pic to enlarge):

Sarah Michelle has lip injections. I am a plastic surgeon and one of the tell-tale signs are bumps and ridges inside the lip track. You can see the bumps just under her upper lip near the gumline.

She herself once said:

What do you think of plastic surgery, and would you consider it in thirty years?
By the way, God bless you for saying "in thirty years." God bless you! I can't comment now what I'm going to do ten, fifteen years from now. What I just can't stand is when people's face changes. It's so disappointing to me. Faces are interesting, you know? Faces are what make us unique, and expression is what makes us unique. I didn't speak the same language as my director. If I couldn't read his expression, like if he was all Botoxed out, God only knows how this movie would have come out!

That doesn't really answer the question. I will say that that's a pretty close pic of Smidge and she actually looks amazing with great skin and wrinkle free. If she is doing something, it's working.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures
October 9, 2004

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Anonymous said...

no lips injection for sarah oker this a perferctly girl