Saturday, January 3, 2009

An email amongst Buffyfesters

The Subject: I will tell you this

The Body: I want yummy sushi pajamas in a bad way but not 86 bucks bad. Seriously, wtf!?!? Just because Buffy wore them? Buffy is not the queen of high fashion over here. She only looks good because she's standing next to Xander the flannel king and muppet skinning Willow.

Conclusions: Why am I still thinking about yummy sushi pajamas? Joss? Anyone? Help?

Response: Bitsy, we don't need Joss to know that it's prolly because you secretly want to be Buffy. Ooh, they're a little on sale here. Check em out! Guess we know what to get you for your birthday! Love, Tee


Resident Clinton said...

I bought them for some of my Buffy Sing Along cast for Christmas last year and they were worth totally worth it! The Cat's Pajama's makes everything by hand, and they are top quality. I don't think the company is trying to rip you off for your Buffy nostalgia, because all their pajamas are the same price. Besides, these are also the ORIGINAL sushi pajamas, as in where the Buffy costumers got them in the first place. So, boutique item for sure, but considering their uniqueness (and non-mass produced-ness), worth the extra bucks.

Erica said...

They are wonderful! I've always wanted the yummy sushi pajamas and I didn't know that they were able to be purchased! Yes, I agree with you on the absurdity of the $86 price tag, but perhaps someday they'll be affordable. I love them!