Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fanvid Sunday

Another Sunday, another chance to be wowed by the might of fan videos. This week we present Michael Kean's Buffy centric video Breathe Me.

I thought this one was really powerful especially since it wasn't about a preferred pairing but simply Buffy herself. I think, as fans, we sometimes lose hold of just how much she's been through but this video really brings it home. Haunting and beautiful, it's one you won't soon forget.

If, however, you're feeling depressed like woh after watching that and are thinking to yourself "What the hell, Bitney? I want a video that will make me laugh and be happy, dammit!" Well, then... to go along with your glass of whine I offer up a vid by bachaboska of my favorite pairing, Spangel, after the jump. Spangel?!?!

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*Both videos are nominated for Vid of the Year 2008.

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