Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dollhouse Death Watch for ep 11 "Briar Rose"

Well, last night's episode of Dollhouse entitled "Briar Rose" was obviously outstanding. Poor Victor! That was hard core. Enver Gjokaj as Victor is super-duper talented (Ryan calls him fake Delouise..ha!) His acting in the "Victor's been imprinted with Dominic" scene was fantastic. But it was Alan Tudyk that stole the gorram show and having been spoiled that he was Alpha really didn't ruin it at all. This Mickey and Mallory thing they have cooked up for next week looks intriguing. If we could just get that last episode....

Which brings me to: I guess Fox has decided that next week's up is truly the finale, no changing their minds. In saying that, the jig is definitely up when it comes to "Finale Gate". I didn't realize the Minear wrote/directed ep 12 and the Whedon clan wrote 13 w Joss directing. I'm sorry but that is super telling. That mixed with the Felicia Day announcement at the Apple store has completely closed this case for me.

Last night's ratings? They were a little better and a little worse at the same time. Probably anything other than "amazingly better" won't help at this point. says:

"While the Joss Whedon's drama's overall viewership was up slightly to an estimated 3.09 million (it fell just below 3 million last week), the rating in the 18-49 demo was down to a 1.1 and other young demos were also down. "Dollhouse," which has its season finale next Friday, at least beat The CW's "America's Next Top Model" repeat."

So, moving on to the Death Watch. 1 week to go but I guess we really won't have an answer to this until May 18th, when Fox will make announcements. So we'll keep the Death Watch open, but what in the shire is up with that poll on the right? Why has someone not died on Dollhouse yet? Perhaps Whedon feels he's becoming predictable after Penny's death in Dr. H, so maybe he feels a bigger shocker would be not to kill anyone at all!

Do you think Dollhouse will make it to season 2? Leave us a comment and let us know which group you belong:

Tara's Group (the bitter realists) - thinks Dollhouse will not make it to season 2.

Michelle's Group (the starry-eyed optimists) - who still believe that Dollhouse get renewed for a second season.


Barbara said...

Well I guess we got our answer about who gets deactivated since it has to be Victor. Poor thing first he has people fighting on him and then Alpha slahes his face. Alan was awesome and even knowing that he was Alpha didn't spoil a thing since we're still in the dark about who he is.

As for it making it to a season two I really doubt it. It would be great if they did but I'm not getting my hopes up. Chances are good that if I end up loving a show it will end up cancelled especially when the gorram thing airs on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Who do we know that Dominic is still alive? Maybe all that's left of him is that little box with his thoughts and personality.

As for me, I'm still holding out for a second season. Cause you never know.

Unknown said...

I am always an optimist, even though I'm probably lying to myself :/

AndrewCrossett said...

I just don't know anymore. With numbers like these, it won't get renewed unless Fox has something very specific in mind with how to make it pay off.

If it's not picked up, I think Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox should really consider continuing it in one or more directto-DVD movies. That's worked well for other genre shows, and Whedon shows and movies always do very well on DVD.

Tara said...

I'm with you Andrew. I know I've always been "it's not going to make it!!!" but now that it looks like it's actually not going to make it I'm like, "really? come on people!" It has potential and maybe something like your suggesting could work for it.

Patrick Green said...

I am very confident Dollhouse will be renewed for Season 2 based on the following:

1. I pre-ordered the Season 1 DVD at today. I am aware from the fan campaigns the DVD was in the TOP 10 movers and shakers column today!

2. Whedonverse fans are loyal and loud. That saved Angel after Season 4 and will do so here!

3. Power of Twitter!

4. DVR ratings rock and the head of Fox TV said the advertisers really like the show!

5. Keeping the show on Fridays will be a safe place to build an audience over the long haul.

6. Alan Tudyk rocked the house last week as Alpha and will continue to do so!

Tara said...

Wow that really is power-optimism Patrick! We should give you your own category!