Sunday, October 25, 2009

fanvid sunday: "these are the daves I know" edition

I have no idea what the subject of this post means either. Except, of course, that I'm a fan of The Kids in the Hall from way back. Anyway! On with the show. Our first video is a mashup of the first season of Angel which never gets enough love. I mean... I love it. Why don't you? This fanvid should serve as a reminder of what made it great:

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In addition, I'd like to call attention to a first time fanvidder and friend of Buffyfest, Steph, aka thegingerpire. She made a Doctor Who vid which is great for me since that's my other fandom and, oh look, it's all about Donna Noble who is, you guessed it, my fave companion from the new series. Check it out! Also, watch Doctor Who if you haven't been.

Did you think we were done? Not without this lovely coda that was emailed to us recently:

Okay, now I'm done. Happy Sunday, minions o' the fest, and have a great week.


Steph said...

Aw Thanks Bitsy! :D

Great picks this weekend.

elainecleo said...

Season 1 and 5 of Angel are my favorites, I love the bit in the first eps where Angel asked the guy as he pushes his chair out the window..But can you fly. Anyway just in case you have not heard Amazon has all 5 seasons of Angel for $52.99 and free shipping. That is such a deal I am tempted to buy a third