Monday, October 19, 2009

Joss Whedon To Direct an Episode of the Hit Show 'Glee'

Michael Ausiello gets the Whedon-ey scoop once again. This time the juicy exclusive is that Joss Whedon will direct one of the back nine episodes of the much loved show Glee (FOX). NOBODY PANIC! This does NOT mean that Dollhouse has been passed over for it's own back nine. We REALLY wouldn't want that to happen. Especially us here at Buffyfest. We are very supportive of Dollhouse...Michelle in particular.


Joss himself commented about the news on Whedonesque a short time ago saying:

"Whom will I kill? When will that go away? Is death really the only thing I'm known for? I'd hope not. You know how many people in the world actually die? ALL OF THEM. You know how many I've killed? Statistically, somewhat fewer. Can't we focus on another element of my work? Having said that, probably Principal Figgins. (No! I kid! God.)"

...amongst other things. Oh Joss Whedon, you murdering prankster you. Go to Whedonesque for his full statement. Fun stuff.


Steph said...

This is ridiculously exciting news. :D

demonpack said...

He's going to do a marvelous job because this news is going to make me watch the show :)