Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Father Knows Best

Thanks, Dad. Us kids were really in trouble there for a minute.

Part 2 of the interview here.


Mike_D said...

The Twilight reveal comes out in April, right? Could this be a huge April Fool's Joke on their part? Everybody sure seemed to jump on the "mistake" quickly. The covers were released gradually, so it makes sense that April's cover would be next. And, with Dollhouse's HUGE reveal with Rossum, they managed to keep that a secret even with the Internets. I don't see Angel being that cruel to Buffy with a soul, and how did he "church" her then?

Not sure if I buy Angel is Twilight yet. I could be mistaken, isn't the first time....


mbatz said...

Well, after mulling this "prank" idea over and reading Joss' comments, I'm convinced it's the real deal. Just thinking that there's going to be bigger WTF moments than this reveal in the next arc.