Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone but Joss: Blame in the Whedonverse

There's been a lot of talk lately about Buffy Season 8's missteps and who's to blame. There's also been a lot of feminist talk linked to this season as well. That's why I thought this article was so interesting. Feminste talks about the rights and wrongs of Buffy and why it seems women are always to blame. Their main focus is on Season 6 and Marti Noxon's virtual stoning by fans as Joss Whedon walks away clean and unscathed. Also, it touches on Smidge's choice to leave after seven seasons and the fan outcry at her decision, not Joss Whedon.

While the article makes some sense, I'd argue that the current state of the Buffyverse comics is a perfect example of the blame landing just as squarely on the men (Scott Allie, Bill Willingham and Brad Meltzer, just to name a few). It seems that the real issue here isn't that blame is put more heavily on the females in the Whedonverse, but that blame doesn't seem to ever land on Joss's shoulders.


Anonymous said...

We've gotten lost in the woods this season. I absolutely hate the twilight ark. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I don't care for (The Character that is Twilight) at all now because of the selfishness that his character has acted with. Absolutely reprehensible. There was absolutely no reason for the gratuitous sex scene that just dragged on and on.

Anonymous said...

I loved the sex issue, it was a fresh air to the whole sexual tension btw these characters that for so many years have wanted to be together and of course that Angel was a little OOC but they have been apart for so long that they became desperate. So it's comprehensible, after all they both gave up so many things for the world, they deserve to be happy together,*they were both being controlled ppl, Both of them Angel was in the same positon than Buffy was, so either you like this character or not you just got to see the bigger plan here*

Anonymous said...

Ok. I realize the whole BTVS thing is pure sci-fi, fantasy, but at least the show had some semblence of realism to it. The comic doesn't even come close. It's gotten way to out in la-la land for me. Plus, I am also reading IDW's Anegl series. They don't jive, so it sucks the life out of any Buffy story line. All in all, the Anegl comic is much better.

Cat said...

Rather new to this site so forgive me for that. :) (Found this site by way of the James Marsters Q&A blogging since I missed that :(

At anyrate I've been following season 8 and all I have to say is check out the cover for issue 35 (The Jo Chen cover) Really look at it. Then go back and check out some of the early issues of the season.

I know nothing about what is coming for Buffy but I've my suspicions...Hold on to your ruby slippers...

I personally think the whole arc is appropriate for the medium. It's a comic book so..they go in a very comic booky direction. I've disagreed with choices the show made in the past but ultimately I'm just along for the ride and am happy to be entertained no matter what happens.

Jennifer Noelle said...

Hi guys. I don't leave comments very often. I'm just a lurker.

First, @AirborneVet, don't you think Buffy would have been doing more things all along if they had the budget to do so? Someone, on a commentary (I believe. I can't remember who) stated at some point that after they got more money on the show, after moving to UPN, that you saw more ridiculous things happening.

Anyway, I think that article was kinda silly. I'm a female. I'm a feminist. But that article made it sound like "If it's a female's fault and you blame her for things, you're sexist!" Personally, I know that people worship the ground Joss walks on and it's true, would never blame him for anything, but that's not true for everyone. Personally, I blame MOST things on Joss. And I love him. But if he's the overseer of everything, I usually pick on him. So why isn't it fair to pick on Marty Noxon if she's the overseer of things?

Anyway, I also have to say that AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T HATE SEASON 6? The Trio were hilarious. I love Andrew and Jonathan (Warren..eh..) and my boyfriend loved seeing Willow go all badass. I personally felt that the seventh season was the weakest. I just find it funny that everyone always craps all over season 6.

Thanks. :)

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