Saturday, June 12, 2010

Live Blogging Clare Kramer's Q&A Panel

Convention attendees asked questions in this 45 minute Q&A session with Clare Kramer that ended just minutes ago!
(**Note, we also did a separate exclusive interview with Clare earlier today which will be up later this week!)

Q: What was your favorite episode to work on?
A: My favorite episode was probably my first. It laid the groundwork for my character.

Q: Season 5 [of Buffy] definitely took a darker tone. How did you feel about that?
A: I was kind of glad it took a darker turn because it gave it a sense of, I don't want to say depth, but groundedness?

Q: Are you still active in Kids4kids or any other charity organizations?
A:Yes, Kids4kids is an organization with my sister-in-law. We do events in Texas where people donate toys. I'm also involved with Children International.

Q: How much say did you have in how you played Glory?
A: Well, once the words were written I had a lot of freedom like, "Why doesn't she throw shoes here or block this here?" In terms of what she said then no, I didn't get involved with that at all. Maybe others did, but I was just thankful to have a job. I just went with the flow with that.

Q: How were the core characters when you got to set? And did you get to keep the wardrobe?
A: The wardrobe, no. Some of it I hated but some I really liked, so I would've loved that. I think they auctioned most of it off on eBay. As for the rest of the cast, they'd been working on the show for 4 years. Everyone was extremely welcoming, gracious and nice. Michelle Trachtenberg was also new and they were pretty open. I had a great experience with everyone.

Buffyfest's own Bitsy (Dan) asks Clare Kramer about Glory's Minions:
Now that you have a couple of kids do you ever think 'Maybe I'd like to have a couple of minions again!"?

Q: With the split personality mentally and physically between Glory & Ben, how did you act that out?
A:They didn't tell me that Glory had this Ben side to her. I didn't know until I read scripts and I was like "Waaaaait a minute." That was just another component. It was actually much easier to play the bipolar side of her character.

Q: Did you maintain a relationship with Eliza Dushku between working on Buffy & Bring It On?
A: Well, I knew she was on a show named Buffy when we worked on Bring It On and filming was only like 2 months later, which was close. We actually worked together 3 times. I was on her show Tru Calling. She's a cool chick. I'm sure everyone likes Faith here. (Audience "woos!")

Q: When you go for a role like Glory, do you know that she was the ultimate evil villain?
A: That's an interesting question. There's a lot of secrecy. The character was called "Sherry" and it was for 1 episode. I think they wanted to test her. I think if I would've sucked there would have been no Glory. I guess they wanted to make sure that people were responsive because they have such a loyal fan-base.
Q: So do you never know when you're going to die?
A: Yes! I'd get a script and I'm like, "Oh good! I'm still here."

Q: Can you talk about how you got into acting?
A: Sure, I grew up in Ohio. I did absolutely everything I could do like theater. When I applied to college I really only wanted to go to the NYU theater program. Then I just auditioned. I never really had that one break-out role. I mean Buffy was big, but only one season. So it's all about auditioning and working hard. I think the hardest part about acting is staying emotionally available. Staying in a place where you can still be creative, which isn't the easiest to do. My advice is try, persevere and don't just limit yourself to in front of the camera. Knowledge is power.

Q: Is the rumor true that Warner brother's is considering you for Wonder Woman?
A: That's a rumor? Damn, I need to get my people on that.
Q:Would you take that?
A: Hell yes! You know, I've had my feelings hurt by reading about myself online so I don't really know about this rumor. But that would be incredible! That would definitely be that break-out role I'm looking for.

Q: With having kids now, do you find that it affects the roles you're looking for?
A: No. (Laughs. Pause.) The dirtier the better.

Q: Did you see James [Marsters] here today? And another question, what was it like being called back to the 7th season of Buffy? Was everyone there on set?
A: Yes, it was like all the villains hanging out. They didn't say if it was one or ten episodes. That was kind of a fun day. As far as seeing James here, I haven't seen him in a long time and yeah...he's good folk.

Q: How did you meet Julie Benz since you weren't on Buffy at the same time?
A: We weren't on at the same time, but we did a convention together in London. It was several years ago and yeah, we became close friends.


Anonymous said...

How much are Clare Kramer and James Marsters charging for autographs?

Creed0831 said...

James was $40 and Clare was $20.

Brian said...

Do you happen to have that picture of Clare, in better quality ( a bigger version)? That's me in the blue shirt, taking a picture. It would be cool to have it.

Anonymous said...

I kept reading everywhere that Clare Kramer was being considered for Wonder Woman. I made a call and confirmed that she is. They like her physique, age and what she looked like with darker hair in Skulls. I think she’d be great.