Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buffyfest is going to Wizard Philly!

So this weekend, 6/11-6/13, Wizard will be hosting it's annual Philadelphia Comic Con and, I have to say, they've really stepped up their game big time this year.  Not only will fan favorite James Marsters be in attendance but the amazing Clare Kramer will be there as well.  I can't actually remember the last convention she's been to so hooray for all of us scabby worshipers of the mighty Glorificus.

In addition there will be loads of artists and retailers on top of so many special guests including Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, John de Lancie, Bruce Campbell, Virginia Hey, and loads more. 

Plus, we'll be there!  So, you know... you should come and see us.  Oh, and all the actual famous people.  Let's not forget about them.  The link is below.  Be there or be a thing what is square.

Philly Comic Con


mbatz said...

Crap! I live in philly but I have to work all weekend:( Took off last weekend to go to Heroes Con in Charlotte. Are you going anywhere else? Baltimorecon? NYCC?

Tara said...

Hi Mbatz! Yes we'll totally be at NYCC.

Laura said...

The link wouldn't work for me. :( Is it broken?

Bitsy said...

If by broken you meant I did it wrong then... yes. Sorry about that. Link is fixed!

uberbuffyfan said...

has anyone seen the new emma Caulfield's new film "dont panic its organic" check it out!
its so wild i found this website that has a trailer of this film emma cauilfield is in
does anyone know where i could see the whole film?