Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Round 2! September Silliness - The Whedonverse Season Finale Tournament

Here lies Round 2 of this "Best Finale in the Whedonverse" Tournament. In Round 1 we had some close ones. Here is a rundown of those results:

- Dollhouse's S.2 "Epitaph Two" beat out Angel's S.1 "To Shanshu in L.A."
- Buffy S.4 "Restless" just barely edged out Buffy S.6 "Grave"
- Dr. H's Act III even more narrowly beat Dollhouse's S.1 "Epitaph One"
- It was Angel vs. Angel with S.2 "Plrtz Glrb" beating S.3 "Tomorrow"
- Buffy's Series Finale "Chosen" took out Firefly's Season Finale "Objects in Space"
- Buffy S.2 "Becoming Part 2" beat the hell out of S.1 "Prophecy Girl"...so that's out.
- Similarly, Angel S.5 "Not Fade Away" beat S.4 "Home" by quite the landslide.
- Finally,  Buffy S.5 "The Gift" beat Buffy S.3 "Graduation Day Part 2"

This one's going to be a quick one! Unlike some massive past tourneys, this one started with a mere 16 nominees. The episodes fighting for the title were randomly seeded. Rounds will end each Monday and Thursday night at 11:59 pm EST after which we'll post results and the nominees for the next round. Voting for this part ends Thursday at 11:59 pm EST.

Next up are the polls for the left half of the bracket "The West". OK, voting time!:

Region 1:

Region 2:

By the way, if you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

If your curious to see the entire bracket (and what's up next), click below to enlarge:


Michelle said...

Wow, that was easy!

Aerliss said...

Really surprised that Grave lost to Restless, and that Restless is beating Epitaph Two.

Restless, for me, hits no emotional spots, whereas Grave stamps on them and E2 runs up and down them like a toddler.

Also surprised at how many votes Plrtz Glrb has against Horrible 3... well okay, that's probably because I don't remember Plrtz Glrb very well and Horrible 3 was a massive shocker.