Friday, September 3, 2010

September Silliness - The Whedonverse Season Finale Tournament

It's that time of year again! This will be the 4th Whedonverse Tournament that we've done now. Unlike some massive tourneys we have done in the past, this is a much shorter one as the question is "What is the favorite Season Finale of all Whedonverse shows?" Seem simple? Well, it's not!

Will it be a hero plummeting to their death? An anti-hero's final turn to the dark side? An ocean plunge? A smile? It's definitely a toughie, but we'd love to know the answer.

So, this tournament has 16 randomly paired finale episodes fighting for the title. The contenders are, of course:

Buffy Season Finales 1 - 7
Angel Season Finales 1 - 5
Firefly Season Finale
Dollhouse Season Finale 1 & 2
Dr. Horrible Act III

Rounds will end each Monday and Thursday night at 11:59 pm EST after which we'll post results and the nominees for the next round. Voting for this part ends Monday at 11:59 pm EST. Let the games begin!

If your curious to see the entire bracket (and what's up next), click below to enlarge:


undeadgoat said...

The seeding in this tournament is not that great, second place will be all but meaningless, IMO . . .

thesunandthesparrow said...

Some of those pairings were incredibly difficult to choose between.

Tara said...

Yeah it is a little weird but it was randomized, undeadgoat. Computers can be fickle little bitches that way.

I'm concerned that my top 2 contenders will be against each other the very next round! Not Fade Away vs. The Gift. Ah well, would've happened eventually anyway.

Kaaren said...

Wow, there were a couple of tough ones. Of my 2 favorites (most are great, but if I had to choose), one is kicking ass (Becoming Part 2) and the other (Objects in Space) not so much.

Anonymous said...

I despise To Shanshu In L.A. and Epitaph Two so gigantically and so equally I couldn't pick. XP And it's tough not to throw in for Graduation Day, but The Gift is my absolute favorite Whedonverse finale, so...tough choices all around!
Fun idea, Buffyfest!

Nat said...

Love the idea to pit the season finales. Some definite tough choices there, a few of my faves will be out early I think.

Michelle said...

It was unfair to have to vote between "Grad. Day" and "The Gift", but in the end, Buffy flying off that tower was so powerful.

I hated having to vote between "Tomorrow" and "There's No Place" only because I don't really like either of those episodes. I went with the latter because we do get a lot of funny in that episode.

One last thing, how is Dr. Horrible not winning over Dollhouse?

Anonymous said...

Should have seeded manually, Not Fade Away vs. The Gift shouldn't have to meet until the finals as they are the two greatest finales of all time. I expect the winner of that giants duel to win the whole thing pretty easily, the only real competition coming from Chosen also in the same side of the bracket.

Oh man Chosen versus Becoming part 2 in the second round as well, the right side of the bracket is just too brutal.

Unknown said...

My only 'thing' is that Objects in Space is an AMZING episode, but does nothing as a 'finale' because it wraps nothing. So.. good episode, but bad finale.

skyroom80 said...

I love these tourneys! But as someone else said -- in this case a manual choice would have been better than computer generated.

Really, does anyone care about either of these choices: Tomorrow vs. There's No Place Like Pltz Glrb? Should a 15 minute finale (Dr, Horrible) be up against Epitaph One?

And then, pitting Restless against Grave; Chosen against Objects in Space; and Becoming against Graduation Day, Part 2?

It takes away a lot of the "oh my god," seat of your pants excitement.

Not a put down, AT ALL! Just a suggestion for future, more specialized, tourneys. :-)

Because I am already quite sure it will be between The Gift and Becoming. I should not be that sure so early on ....

skyroom80 said...

Oh, ACK! I should have added that my own winner would be Not Fade Away. The best series ender. EVER. In the history of series finales.