Monday, September 27, 2010

*Spoiler* Buffyfest Reviews Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

If Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Queen of the Whedonverse, then Summer Glau must be the Princess. (Or is it Eliza? Hmmm...might have to do a poll.) Anyway, one thing Summer is super-dependable at is adding her talents to some good Sci-Fi and Genre stories. Last Thursday, the Paley Center here in NYC hosted the premiere of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse which Summer starred in. She played the part of the beloved character DC, Supergirl. Another fun fact, the original print comic version of this story was penned by an additional Whedonverse connection, Jeph Loeb.

Now, since none of our regulars here know much about the Superman franchise, we asked our correspondents Darren and Cathy to check out the scene in our stead. Check out Darren's review of the film below:

"Darren here, longtime Superman fan and correspondent of Buffyfest. I attended the premiere of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse for Buffyfest last week and it was a fun time. The Paley Center did a good job with the event. As far as the movie goes: Overall, I'd say that someone who is seriously into the Superman comics may not enjoy it but someone who is a general Superman fan would definitely find it entertaining. I found it entertaining but I had problems with the inconsistencies of the story. Like Superman killing a thousand Doomsdays with one flash of eyebeam. Listen, these two killed each other in the past. If the continuity that's been established over the years is that Superman killed Doomsday before and because of what happened could never be killed again, then how is Superman killing him in one eyebeam? I don't get it.

And the story of Kara/Supergirl (who was well played by Summer Glau). Superman gets hit by 1 omega beam by Darkseid and he was out forever and got flown all the way out to space. He has to get all the way out to the sun, recharge and come back in order to deal with Darkseid. But Supergirl gets hit and was fine? In the end it appeared that Supergirl was stronger than Superman and took way more of a beating than Superman and that's stupid.

Batman, he's an asshole. Batman is human, he has no superpowers of any kind but he can get his head put through walls and everything like that and walk away...gotta get some kind of realism in there. Just saying.

Since we're talking about the Whedonverse connection on this fine blog, I'll say that Summer Glau's voice performance was cute, her krypton was spoken fine. But as far as Supergirl goes, I didn't like her hairdo...way too kryptonian."

And there you have it! Superman/Batman: Apocalypse will be released tomorrow, September 28 on both DVD and Blu-ray. If you pick it up at Amazon, it comes as a Two-Disc Exclusive Limited Edition with bonus Litho Cel.In the mean time, check out the clip below with bonus Summer Glau introduction. And thanks to Darren and Cathy for the contribution!

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