Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Know Why Luke Perry Cries

So Luke Perry was at Dragon Con a few months back and was doing the old photo op thing.  You can see the best of the bunch here but I have randomly selected one which I feel is representative of the pack.

Labyrinth Rules!
There is a certain sadness behind those 90210 eyes.  I think it's because Dylan is really down that Pike didn't get to make his come back in Buffy Season 8 as the big bad, Twilight.  The fandom (and Hank Summers)  feels your pain, sir.  Hang in there!


Comic Book Candy said...
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Comic Book Candy said...

This picture is amazing.

Tara said...

This!!! This photo!! Aaaahhhhh... I needed that!

And total hangin' kitten dude! This post really IS classic Buffyfest.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for this, Bitsy! Seriously amazing and Tara's right - this is old school Buffyfest all the way.