Wednesday, March 28, 2012

THE FINAL BATTLE of March Madness! The Whedon Alternate Universe Tourney.

This is it! End of the line for this year's March Madness. This time, we set out to determine which of Joss Whedon's lamented fallen projects would the fine people of our fandom want to see most. The king of all missed Whedon opportunities if you will, and sadly there has been many.

Throughout the tournament, Firefly Season 2 has held steady. Angel Season 6, on the other hand, got beat out by a Spike Made-for-TV-Movie early on in the bracket, but has crawled it's way out of hell since then. This is the final battle! Which broody male lead and fabulous supporting cast will take it?

Last Round:
- Angel S.6 beat Faith the Series by quite a bit and that's the 2nd loss for her and her motorcycle so she's out for good. Ah well, stack it on top of Tru Calling and Dollhouse I suppose. Poor Dushku, even in the magical alternate universe.

Next: The FINALS! This round will actually be ending on Friday at noon at which point the winner will be announced! Vote below for the Whedon project you'd like to see most in perfect world:

Firefly Season 2 vs. Angel Season 6?
In the alternate universe, would Angel still be fighting the good fight? Would Captain Malcom Reynolds still be flying the good flight?

Both of these series were cancelled before their time. Some would say one more than the other. I guess all you can do now is listen to your heart. So I ask you: In a magical realm where we'd actually get to see either a 2nd season of Firefly or a 6th season of Angel, suspending the actors in their prime with any plot line you desire...which series would you want to see more?

And click below to enlarge the entire bracket:


elainecleo said...

Would have voted for Angel if I knew for sure Spike would be there, but went with Capt Tightpants.

Kaaren said...

I voted!

Team Tightpants

mbatz said...

I stayed in the vamp verse and went with Team Angel, but my heart was wishing for Buffy animated all the way:( I haven't pick a winner yet lol

Tara said...

mbatz, I think I'm with you...Buffy Animated is such a perfect idea, I really can't believe they haven't figured out a way yet. It's stupid. I also would've loved Ripper to make it to the end of the Toruney and surprised it didn't.

For the finals, I too went with Team Tightpants (tm Karen). If only because I feel that Angel had an amazing end...and Firefly was shamefully torn away.