Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness! The Whedon Alternate Universe Tourney - FINAL Loser's Round!

OK, we're about to meet the end of the line for the losers of this Tourney! If you're just joining us, this March Madness has been about trying to find out which of Joss Whedon's fallen projects fans would want to see most. Since it's been the first time we've done a Double Elimination, this is the last chance the losers have to get back in the game...the fantastic losers being Angel and Faith, that is!

Last Round:
- Firefly beat Faith the Series by a lot. It's not at all surprising, but let's face it...Faith on a motorcycle would've been amazing! Anyway, Faith's going to the loser's circle and Firefly S.2 is advancing to the finals in all it's shiny glory!

Next: The Loser-finals...the 2 small dogs. This round will have just 1 match and will end on Tuesday night at 11:59 pm EST. Vote below for the Whedon project you'd like to see most in a Wonderful, Magical Alternate Universe of Trolls and Mermaids:

Faith the Series vs. Angel Season 2?
Ah...Faith and Angel. They work so damn well together and yet here they're preparing to battle to the death!! So what would you rather see? Faith conquering the beasties and fulfilling her Slayer destiny? Or one more season of Angel and co. helping the helpless and facing Wolfram and Hart or some such. They're fate is in your hands!

And click below to enlarge the entire bracket:


ShariB said...

Angel season 2 or Angel season 6?

Tara said...

ooh, sorry that's a typo...imaginary season 6 of course! Fixed.

mbatz said...

faith:) have some:)