Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness! The Whedon Alternate Universe Tourney - Semifinals!

Well March is nearing an end and so is this tournament. We're at the semi-finals already, just a few more battles to go! If you've missed this entire March Madness so far, we're trying to find out which of Joss Whedon's fallen projects fans would want to see most. How the hell Firefly Season 2 is now facing a Faith series is pretty boggling, I think it has to do with this whole "Double Elimination" bracket.

Last Round:
- Angel S.6 beat the Spike Made-for-TV-Movie after they were tied for 2 days straight. Spike would gain by 2 votes and then Angel by 3. It was a 'shippers delight and nightmare all rolled into one. I don't know why the hell these brackets like to hurt me. This went to the wire and was determined by a single vote.

Next: The Semi-finals! The 2 big dogs. This round will have just 1 match and will end on Sunday night at 11:59 pm EST. Vote below for the Whedon project you'd like to see most in a Wonderful, Magical Alternate Universe of Unicorns and Leprechauns:

Firefly Season 2 vs. Faith the Series?
Again, this match up is crazy strange....but I guess they would both be pretty bad ass! If you think about it, Faith the series would be a natural extension of the Buffy series. And if you're a Whedon purist, this might be as close as you'd get to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sequel, if you will. On the other hand, many a Browncoat (and average all-around Whedon fan alike) would probably lay down and die if a real Firefly S.2 was announced tomorrow. Shinyness all around. Happy Voting!

And click below to enlarge the entire bracket:


kluu said...

That is a really tough call. I am more a Buffy fan but, we don't really need a 2nd season of Firefly. What we need is a finish to the first season. Curse you Fox Network. But I still love you for having Buffy, Angel firefly and so many other shows that wouldn't have seen the light of day anywhere else.

hamstap85 said...

now i REALLY REALLY hate you soooooo much. you are KILLING me with these decisions. WHY!!??

mbatz said...

that was tough but I had to go with Faith. I love firefly but at this point, I would prefer a sequel to Serenity instead:)