Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whedonverse Ornament making party

So last week we had a little crafting party and some of us either made or put the finishing touches on our Whedonverse Ornaments for the Swap. I don't want to spoil too much for the recipients, so I'm not going to post too many pics until after the swap...but check this pile of mini stakes. It's hard to tell but they are each only about 1 inch big. hee!

Anyway, hope all the swap participants are doing well on your own ornaments. I've already sent the bulk of mine and I know the other Buffyfest Bloggers have, as well. So start looking out for packages tomorrow :)

And don't forget to ship out by Dec 3rd.


Michelle said...

I mailed mine out on Friday! I love the pic of the mini-stakes, Tee.

JessicaMelusine said...

I got mine today! *happydance*LOVE!

Michelle said...

That's so exciting! What group were you in?