Saturday, January 10, 2009

Live Blogging SNL with Neil "Dr. Horrible" Patrick Harris

NPH and the whole cast of HIMYM got a huge raise! This past year's been great to him. He's hosting SNL right now and we're going to do a blow-by-blow below. Let's do this thing!

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11:32 I really like SNL. A lot of people bash but I love so many things...especially the Lonely Island Digital shorts including (but not limited to): Lazy Sunday, Beep in a box, and the hilarious: Space Olympics. The openings, like this one, are usually lame. Who's this chick, is she new? Looks like Kate Hudson. -- Tee

11:36 I don't recognize the girl playing Rachel Maddow but, hey, good news: they didn't have a lesbian played by a man! That's always nice. -- Bits

11: 37 there he is....Mr. Handsome. Michelle and I have a huge crush on him now. Hahaha "Fred Savage" & "say hello to the cast of how I met your mother for me..." The Mark Wahlberg bit always kills me. -- Tee

11:40 no mention of Dr. Horrible yet but I'm happy with the Doogie reference and, more good news, they made a gay joke and it was tasteful. Wacky, huh? --Bits

11:47 He was the only good one in that Kathy Lee skit but was a-ma-zing doing the work outs.Hee! Nice headband! -- Tee

11:53 Your mom's the Rent of knives... your... mom... yeah... -- Bits

11:57 That was ok. Just do a Dr. Horrible thing and be done with it...will ya? --Tee

12:04 The actress who plays Penelope co-wrote that misogy-fest "Bride Wars" so I basically hate her. Super hate. Hate to the max. And now it occurs to me that NPH should be a fraggle. WTF is Liza Minelli doing here? What just happened What??! That is all--Bits

12:07 WTF?? I was like all zzzzzzz on my keyboard that was so fricking lame but then I popped up when I heard Liza Minelli and I was like "wha?" ooh digital short!! That was cool...the tear really sold it. But why has there been like 6 Doogie references so far and no Doc Horrible? --Tee


12:21 Having to explain that you just made a Cast Away joke means it's not funny. Or, put another way: fail.--Bits

12:23 You say 's' my 'd' like it's a bad thing --Bits

12:26 I miss Amy Poehler. The end. --Bits

12:29 "2 first names" Lol David Lee Roth! Ho ho ho to Samberg playing Billy Bob...are those fake teeth? His teeth are pretty large to begin with.

12:40 Please don't take offense, NPH, but you make a terrible woman. On the other end you make a tasty man so that's you know... good. --Bits

12:41 The woman at my college bookstore had nails many times longer than that and she opened cans of soda with a vengeance. --Bits

12:42 It occurs to me that I haven't actually said anything about the sketch proper. There's a reason for that. --Bits

12:48 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -- Tee

12:49 was that a commercial for optimism? it's bad when the commercials that you should be fast-forwarding are more interesting than the show. -- Tee


12:57 heh...guess the racism jokes need to be after midnight. The Horatio Sans type guy was kinda ok. Was that a wig on NPH? --Tee

12:58 I totally agree that the Burger King "Virgins" commercial is rife for mockery but, dear SNL, making rape jokes is NOT THE WAY. love, me -- Bits

1:00 so. very. lame. Poor NPH...I'd say the highlight was the digital short as usual. Why don't they have the Lonely guys just take over the whole show?

1:01 agree. I liked the opening monologue too, actually, but the actual sketches let loose the loud trumpeting sounds of failure. I'm almost glad there wasn't a Dr. Horrible sketch. They probably would have just screwed it up. --Bits


Michelle said...

Yes, I'm a looser. I fell asleep and missed the live blogging, but on a positive note, doesn't seem like I missed much.

Michelle said...

Oops, I meant "loser". Early morning typo.

Tara said...

you are neither of those things. SNL nearly put me to sleep as well. I don't know how Bitsy and I sustained :)