Friday, January 30, 2009


Alyson Hannigan, who has apparently traded in her vegan ways for meat, cheese, and ginger ale, will be on Ellen today at 3pm EST. I secretly suspect that Aly is giving birth to my clone because those three things are what make my dietary world go round.

Newsarama hooks it up with a preview of the next issue of the Buffy comic due out February 4th. I'm excited about this issue because of Satsu (yay!) but annoyed because of Kennedy (boo!).

Look whose blogging now. It's Amber Benson! And did I just make a reference to a horrible John Travolat/Kirstie Alley series? Oh, the humanity! Where was I? Right, Amber Benson. She joined Twitter, too. Welcome to the nut house, Amber!

Seth Green turned up on David Faustino's latest episode of Star-ving. Seeing the two of them side by side is weird and hilarious because I totally remember when people thought they were the same dude. Also, like everyone from Married... with Children appears which is pretty cool. That show was a misogyny fest but I still laughed. Oh, the 90's, you were messed UP!

Spoiler - Chris Ryall previewed the cover for Angel 21 in it's stages of development on his blog. I have to say that IDW has been such a gem about reaching out to fans of the series and providing just tons of great behind the scenes stuff. With each passing day I get more and more excited to see where Angel: Aftermath is going to take us post ATF. This cover gives me a case of the "Ooooos!"

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That SMG/Gotham article is from March 2008