Friday, April 10, 2009

More on the Dollhouse Season Finale Snafu

I wanted to add something that I had previously said on twitter (follow us here, if you wish)...and that is:

Why would Joss totally confirm that Felicia Day would be on Dollhouse "towards the end" if there was a chance she'd never air? I heard it live with my own ears when he first broke that news in a small room at the Soho Apple store. I mean rabid fans would spread this news like wild fire (as we did) and he knows that.

Listen to the podcast of that event here for yourself. The Felicia news is at around the 30:45 mark:
(that link will open up iTunes on your computer.)

I'm just saying, the evidence shows that Whedon wasn't really prepared for the cropping of the Dollhouse season. Fox shadiness is afoot.


Richard Todd said...

Maybe he wanted to make sure people would get extra unhappy at the truncation.

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