Sunday, April 26, 2009

Save Chuck (and all our shows)

You know, we don't talk about Chuck much here at Buffyfest even though it has a beloved Whedonverse star on it, which is rude. I think it's time we do because 1. it's a good, fun show and 2. what Jayne and Chuck did over the weekend is fucking amazing.

Adam Baldwin and the cute dude with the weird hair that plays Chuck, Zachary Levi, attended the Starfury Con in England that I really wanted to go to. Many Whedonverse stars attended (Baldwin, Summer Glau, Felicia Day, Clare Kramer, Miracle Laurie, Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Woodward, & Dominic Keating). As you may or may not know, Chuck has been on the verge of cancellation and since Subway is a big advertiser for them, a brilliant grass roots "Save Chuck" effort is suggesting fans to buy a $5 Footlong from Subway on April 27th, the season finale of Chuck.

So long story short - apparently at the con, a fan suggested to Baldwin and Levi to lead a mass exodus to the nearest Subway to show them the money and they actually did, along with 400-600 con attendees! Levi even jumped behind the counter to help the staff make all the sandwiches. Those Subway employees must have been like WTF? Incredibly awesome.

See pics and read the full story here:

Mildly nauseating camera-work video (sans our boy) here:

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