Sunday, April 12, 2009

She was definitely one of the Taraka gang, Giles, and way gun happy.

OMG did you guys see the cop chick from the Buffy Season 2 episode, "What's my line pts 1 & 2" in the finale of SCC? You know, the part where Buffy gets attacked during "Career Week" (Angel: "I lurk" - hee!) and Oz gets shot by the third assassin of the "Order of Taraka"? Both Buffyfest reader Captain Elias and Michael noticed her during the jail chaos scene of SCC. I laughed and thought "no way"...but I looked it up and it's true! Spice Williams Crosby is an "action actress"/stunt performer and has worked on Buffy, Angel, Charmed, T:SCC and many other shows and movies. Good eyes, guys!


dragonweaver said...

The actress was on Angel in the Season 4 episode "Salvage". She was the knife wielding prisoner that attacked Faith in the prison yard.

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