Sunday, October 4, 2009

fanvid sunday: bjork(!) edition

Let me tell you something, friends o' the fest, I am a big fan of another woman who kicks a lot of ass and whose name starts with the letter "B". That's right. It's Bjork! So imagine my joy and rapture when I discovered this fantastic fanvid which utilizes the rich and gorgeous song, "Bachelorette". Peep it out!

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Interesting story: when I was still in college (back in the dark ages) a few friends of mine ran into Bjork at a cafe in upstate New York very randomly. I was so surprised to see her there that my mouth lay agape long enough for her to notice. She shot me what to this day is the dirtiest look I have ever received. It was such a dirty look that, ever since then, my friends and I still refer to that as the day Bjork punched me in the face... with her mind.

Next week I will be in sunny Los Angeles to kick it with Buffyfest, west coast style! What's the week looking like for you? Happy Sunday!


FutureWorld84 said...

there were about 6 clips that I have no idea what episode they are from! That means it's time for me to go back and watch it all again!

Bitsy said...

Heads, up Thom. I caught at least two clips in this vid that were actually from "Alias".

Harvin said...

Whoa, that video gave me chills in some places. Great song!

heroine_tv said...

Great fanvid, as usual. Bitsy, I believe those Alias-like clips were from the opening scenes of one of the season 7 Buffy eps, which featured the random potentials getting chased down by the Bringers. The red haired chick is totally a wannabe Sidney Bristow--not the real thing.

I must admit that all I know about Bjork is that amazing swan dress that she wore at some awards show, so maybe now I will check out some more of her music.

Rena Lesué said...

Unrelated, I know, but did anyone see Spike on Lie To Me last night? Weird to see him as a prosecuting attorney.

also weird when he played Charles Manson on a Lifetime special.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the kind rec. :) As the vid's creator I can definitively say that there were no Alias clips in this vid - I've never watched the show. ;) Everything is sourced from BtVS alone.