Sunday, August 3, 2008

Must've totally missed these juicy Joss tibits from Comic Con

Guess it's because we were so busy at the Fest. Anywho...

According to Entertainment Weekly's recap, we learned these points from the horse's mouth at ComicCon:

• Joyce Summers had Whedon's favorite death on Buffy. Said Whedon: It was "the most time I got to spend with something that close to me."
• a Buffy Comic spoiler that I won't add here, even though some of us already know it.
• Willow was basically outed only because Oz left the show.
• And, no, Whedon was never going make Xander gay.

and Dr. Horrible stuff (which has taken over this blog, as of late):
• NPH randomly decided to do the shoulder shimmy during "My Freeze Ray".
• While filming, Whedon sang as Hammer to Penny and co-writer Maurissa Tancharoen has it on tape. (awesome!)
• The Dr. Horrible soundtrack will be available for download in a couple of weeks. (a week, now)
• Lastly, you too can log onto the very same iphone interface Doc Horrible used in the film at
• They're hosting a contest for "Evil League of Evil" video submissions (no longer than three mins). The top 10 will be on the Dr. Horrible DVD.

That last one? One of the talented people on our team is totally doing that last one. Although that Dr. Dreadful" guy that was lobbying right after part 1 came out should really win that honor.
You know, this guy:

full EW story here:

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