Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Was Buffy Animated leaked after all? Plus more SMG in Dr. Horrible speculation..

This article suggests:
Given that the clip first surfaced a few days ago and has yet to be yanked by its copyright owner, the forum buzz could be right and the "leak" could really be a gauge to test fan interest. So far, the clip has tallied more than 80,000 views in four days -- compared to the five-day total of more than 2 million views for Horrible's three-act miniseries.

That's true, it hasn't been pulled. It's certainly pointing to "Mutant Enemy inside leak" more and more. But that leads me to believe that if they do stuff like that, they prolly would've told the world the secret of the "Smidge in the wig" cameo in Doc Horrible. So it must not be her after all. Hmmmmmm.....

Actually, update! The girl in the wig was apparently confirmed by Joss at ComicCon to not be Smidge. I repeat, the suspicious extra in Dr. Horrible is NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar!

at the comic con panel:
"It was Nicholas Brendon," Whedon joked. "The man is a chameleon."

Sadly, we can now call this a myth. Case closed!

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