Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some very telling Joss stuff in here....

For instance:
THR: As for the "Buffy" Season 8 comics, are you going to be writing more or is your role shifting more toward oversight?
Whedon: I’m finishing the Fray arc and then a couple of other people are stepping in and I have a plan to do one more arc before the end of the season. Although I’m looking at that with a cold eye; maybe I should just oversee that because I’m late with an issue, and it gets harder and harder.
**darn, was looking forward to hard-core official canon from the horse's mouth.**

THR: But there will be something that follows [Dr. Horrible]?
Whedon: I can not say with absolute certainty that there will be just because who knows where everybody’s going to be and if we’ll be able to put it together. Plus, this has gone over so well I’m a little scared now. Like we won’t have the excuse of, "We did it really fast" anymore. And I always need an excuse.
**hmm....wonder if he feels this way about putting Buffy back on in any live action form.**

THR: Would you consider adapting the "Buffy" musical "Once More, With Feeling" for the stage?
Whedon: I don’t think so, because it’s an episode in the middle of seven years of history; it doesn’t stand on its own. Whereas something like, say, "Dr. Horrible," you start at the beginning. I have thought about doing a "Buffy" musical but I wouldn’t do "Once More, With Feeling." I would do a musical adaptation of the concept starting from square one.

read the full hollywood reporter article via whedon.info:

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