Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dr. Horrible, Firefly and Buffy Inspired Teas

Spike drinks a splash of Dr. Horrible Tea of Evil in his blood and it's Captain Hammer Tea for Giles.
Man that was lame.

I want all of these! Needed them for Buffyfest! Grrr Argh.:

Dr. Horrible's Tea of Evil
A tea as dark as the Dr.'s heart. This black tea is highlighted with berry blues and a hint of vanilla in honor of the frozen yogurt he shares with his love.
Contains: ceylon sonata, vanilla, berry blues

Capt.Hammer Corporate Tool Tea
An over-the-top hero, like the Captain, needs a patriotic tea. But this black tea is over-the-top too with apple, caramel and cream. Think of it as a gooey apple pie for our hunky, cheesy hero!
Contains: apple, caramel, cream

Buffy Tea:
It, of course, contains blood oranges, but is also rich with chocolate chips (the secret passion of Buffy and Willow).
Contains: chocolate chip, blood orange

Firefly and "Sereniteas":

There's more if you dig. A Spike "William the Bloody" one and a Willow one and even Moist! The Dr. Horrible fan blog did an interview with the creator of the Doc Horrible teas here:

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Jen McCleve said...

Very interesting. I just love the creativity. Do you know if these are loose leaf teas? I was just curious, thanks for posting about them.