Friday, August 1, 2008

The vampire's time is now (again)

So we're at the mall and mike goes: that chick over there has fangs, is that real? I'm like "I dunno."

We go to eat.

And hour and a half later, we leave and look over to see a loooong line from the register area all the way out the door of barnes and noble. A Harry Potter type line.

Mike says "WTF??" Hmm, oh I get it. It must be because of the last Twilight book. (It's called Breaking Dawn for the record and I don't think it's on sale until midnight, so that line at 10 pm was not a good sign...or a great one if your B&N.)

We then walk around the mall to the other side and pass a mini pg-rated seance. Complete with book readings and a yellow colored lava lamp.

Ohhhhhhhh, it's all just clicking. After I explain a little to Mike about what's going on and he responds "that's why the girl had the teeth!". Took a few hours to piece together that puzzle and it wasn't even me who pulled off the discovery.

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