Monday, December 22, 2008

Dr. Horrible NYC Sing-along Recap & Interview with Clinton McClung Pt 2.

So despite the freezing cold and snowy night in New York we still had a great time at the Dr. Horrible Sing-along at the Paley Center. Many people braved the storm to sing their hearts out. There were laundry bubbles and evil mustaches (more on that further down the post.) Afterward, host Clinton McClung was gracious enough to sit down with us for part 2 of our interview on camera. See below:
Buffyfest: We had heard that that you started this because you used to have parties and it turned into this thing. Are you proud of what you've accomplished?

CM: Yeah! The other thing I always thought about the sing-alongs
was that I never wanted to do it at fan conventions, not because I hate fan
conventions, but they have their own thing going on and all these people are
into it. I love doing it in movie theatres because it was more open to anybody
and I got such a variety of crowds at the sing-alongs, people who were casual
Buffy fans and a lot of first-timers who had never seen an episode of Buffy. I
started these sing-alongs just to get people hooked.

Buffyfest: How did make the move from Boston to New York?

CM: I quit my job at the movie theatre in Boston and I was
feeling a little tapped out and I moved here (NYC) and I got a job working at
the IFC Center as a consultant and it while I was in meetings with them that I
mentioned that I used to do this Buffy thing and they were like, "Let's do it!"
Almost immediately after it happened and the IFC thing petered out, I started
doing a show a weekend and I would spend the entire week preparing for the show
and then I would travel. I didn't make money off if it, just enough to live on
and I was hoping as it went on that I would be able to make some money. Then
when it was cancelled, I was kinda unemployed for about a year.

Buffyfest: Were you sad when it got cancelled?

CM: I was devastated.

Thank you again to Mr. Clinton McClung for taking the time to have a drink with us after the show.
Us Buffyfest Bloggers in front of the Paley Center

Check out the goody bag contents:

Some interactivity included a sea of waving red glowsticks during part in when the on-screen crowd is doing the same (sans glowsticks). Also, as Dr. Horrible grows huge during Brand New Day we were instructed to "Stand up and crush the ant-like people around you". Fun.

Clinton McClung said, "If the [Dr. Horrible] sing-along became more of a regular thing, there's
a lot more stuff I'd like to do – I'd love to have balls for the audience, when
he actually says "balls" and certain little give-aways, sort of keepsakes that
people could take home like the buttons we used to have [at the Buffy Sing-along]."

Finally, we met a bunch of fans like Samantha who made her own fabulous Dr. Horrible glasses and some other crafty folk. Ah fandom:


Resident Clinton said...

It was great to meet you guys, and thanks for coming out to the show and chatting it up, and buying me sake! Let's meet up again soon and plan some sort of fun event.

Michelle said...

Thanks Clinton. It was great meeting you, too. Happy New Year!