Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Don't Spuff 'Til You Spuff Enough" Free mp3 Download

See below for a free mp3 download of the new hit single "Don't Spuff 'Til You Spuff Enough"!

Click to listen/Right click to download:\

A little back story about the origin of this song: Ivan is used to being around us...attending Buffyfest events, helping with video filming and editing and just general living with Michelle. So, he'll occasionally pick up words like "Whedonesque" "The One True Bix" (which he sometimes gets confused about and renames "The One True Bits" in reference to our Bitsy), and, of course, "Spuffy". Eventually we invaded his brain space just enough for him to start quietly inventing this Michael Jackson (RIP) inspired song way back last year. It just grew and grew from there and one fateful day, to Michelle's delight, he decided to record it. Bitsy jumped on as a guest cameo and a hit was born.

And there you have it!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, now I'll have this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

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