Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buffy Euro DS game "Sacrifice" - Ryan's take

What follows is a personal email from Ryan (who's totally our unofficial 4th Buffyfester) regarding the Buffy DS game "Sacrifice". It's so hilarious that I thought I'd just copy and paste it for all the internets to see, as is. See below:
>>So, I got you a copy of this Buffy game for the DS, as I thought I remembered you saying you were curious about it.

As I will not see you until Sunday, I thought I would check it out myself until then, though I may already regret this.
First impressions so far:

Title screen with official logo, brief glimpses of the inside of a building with some weapons in a display case (possibly the magic shop.) No Buffy music (probably didn't license it) and no indication of the story or characters.
Starting out, they are talking about an amulet. "It bonds Buffy and Spike."

Oh. Oh, this is a Spuffy game. This is a game specifically about Spuffy. That's a little strange.

It sounds like they might be talking about -that- amulet, except I remember it looking like a big clear jewel, and this looks like an old gray metal coin. No, now it looks like a jewel again. No, now it's a coin again, but gold with a red thingy in the middle. This is confusing me.

Even more confusing: it sounds as if this game is set in the time period of the comic. Buffy and friends live in a castle in Scotland. But the continuity of Angel is being ignored, Angel season 5 has not happened as Spike is still a ghost and trapped in Hell. Also, they keep referring to the battle in Chosen, yet Sunnydale appears to still exist and the highschool looks quite intact. Actually, it looks like the pre-Graduation Day explosion highschool. I have no idea what the fuck is going on here, either this game was written by a person who had seen some of the show but didn't really know what happened and only had a vague description told to them by someone else, or maybe this is all going to be explained and make sense soon via some weird parallel universe crap. Also, this may be Buffy's stunt double instead of her, she looks exactly like Smidge except for the cheekbones, but man did they nail the hairstyle.
Anyway, here is what we know:
Buffy lives in a Scottish castle.
Spike is trapped in Hell.
Willow is still wussy "I'm afraid of going veiny again" douchebag Willow.
Giles is an extremely good looking man.
They all meet up at Sunnydale High.
And Buffy and Spike have a perfect endless love that transcends any boundaries of space, time, and death, and can overcome any laws of the universe or details of past events.

Was this made in Europe?
Ha! Love it! I'll get more updates from him as he progresses through the game, for those who have been curious about "Sacrifice." I actually have it in my hot little hands now and it really is that retarded!

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