Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tony Head can haz Ripper plz?

Dear Joss,

Hey! This is your old pal, Tony Head, letting you know that when I'm not playing Arthur's pops, or a not quite reformed thief, or playing with puppies, or, you know, being a sexy man in general... I still think about Rupert Giles and his not really son, Randy. Do you think maybe you could make a Ripper series? Or a movie? Or anything, really? Please!?!?


Tony Head (aka another sad fan who can't let go just like the rest of us)


Barbara said...

Hell I think I'd even settle for a book but yeah it would be awesome if they had a Ripper series. I want more Giles.

Kaaren said...

I just watched "Repo: The Genetic Opera" last night. MAN, he is sexy.

TiLT said...

Ripper would be fun! Who could they get to play him young in flashbacks I wonder?
just got Repo...can't wait to see i!

Angie said...

Please! Giles and Spike! How great a show would that be? Ripper is so dark, and Spike has a soul. Please, please, please Joss!