Sunday, June 7, 2009

fanvid sunday: memorial

Since day one Buffyfest has been a site by friends for friends who love all things Whedon. Saturday morning we lost one of those friends. It's impossible for me to explain to you the profound loss I feel. I wish I could say that, seeing him in his final hours makes me feel somehow complete, as though all things were as they must be, but I can't. In those moments I had no idea what the morning would bring and yet I told him all the things you would want to say to someone before they pass: that I loved him, that his friends and family loved and supported him, that we would carry him when he could not carry himself and hope for him when he felt hopeless. We talked about all the things we always do: movies, tv, games... it just wasn't enough. It will never be enough. I will never have an argument with my friend about Smallville again, he will never thoroughly school me in chess, we won't ever share a slice or fuss over Star Wars miniatures like the pair of nerds we've always been. I'll never see that genuine smile that made me feel so safe, so happy.

Moses was a lover of the fanvid so I can think of nothing better than to dedicate this Sunday's to him. This one can only capture a fraction of the pain I feel, the pain all of us are feeling today but it'll have to do.

Mo, wherever you are, we love you.


Tara said...

Oh my! Thanks a lot, we're all a wreck. Ryan just said he was thinking "we prolly could do without "The Body" for a while."

Goodbye Mo. Wish I got to see you one more time...wish I got to speak to you again. :(

Skytteflickan88 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Robin Hudson said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

oldblackmagic said...

What a beautiful sentiment you wrote. My heart goes out to you all.