Friday, June 5, 2009

Jason Sudeikis: Eliza Dushku's stalker?

So while I was watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (so you don't have to), I caught a quick moment where Eliza was talking with SNL's Jason Sudeikis. She'll be voicing protagonist Rubi Malone, a gun toting, sword wielding badass (so basically the one thing Eliza can actually do) in Bethesda Softwork's upcoming game, Wet, which is due out September of this year on PS3 and XBOX360. Jason caught up with Eliza at E3 where this strangeness occurred:

I can't tell if this funny or not but it's definitely... awkward!


Resident Clinton said...

It's funny! He's totally playing at creepy stalker mode.

I love Sudeikis. I see him live sometimes at various comedy nights and he is a great improver. Didn't even know he was helping Fallon, which is good, cause he needs all the help he can get.

dish network said...

I don't like Jimmy Fallon, to me he has no talent, no wit.