Monday, June 29, 2009

Samm Levine talks about Drones

Samm Levine turned up on Saturdays with Steve (Agee, that is). On top of being an awesomely talented actor who most folks will remember from Freaks and Geeks, he also will be in the upcoming Ambr Benson/Adam Busch co-directed film "Drones". Here he talks about all manner of projects but if you skip forward to around the forty five minute mark you'll see that yours truly asked Samm about "Drones". The whole thing is pretty spectacularly hilarious though so I recommend just watching all of it.

Total side story: I knew Samm's brother, Max, many moons ago so every time I see Samm in something I always think "Man, I wonder how Max is". Thank you for listening to my pointless ramble.

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