Monday, July 13, 2009

Comic-y Goodness

This week is a good one if you're planning on getting your whedony self to the stacks. Not only do we get an exciting crossover and another excellent hardcover IDW trade, but we also see a limited release statue that I am really looking forward to. In that particular order, here they be:


Yes, at long last, Peter David's Liandra/Illyria event is nigh on at hand. Set after the events of "Time Bomb", Illyria comes to Bette Noire in search of a way to regain her lost powers. Something tells me things aren't going to go according to plan. You can check out our interview with Peter David here and also take a peek into the Fallen Angel universe with my review of the Omnibus. There's a nice preview over at comixology which will give you a glimpse of just how beautiful J.K. Woodward's art is.


For those of you who had the willpower to wait for the trades you are once again rewarded. IDW has become really well known for putting together great collections and this one is no exception. There's really something to be said for a good hardcover edition of any comic and, the wrap up of Brian's After the Fall story is something that can't be missed. If you haven't picked it up already, this is definitely the way to read it. I might get it this way just because it's so darn pretty.

BtVS Tooned Up Glory Maquette

Sure, this may not be a comic but it is the sort of geekery you'd only find in ye olde comic book shoppe. I've been really appreciating the aesthetics of this ongoing collection and the treatment given to Glorificus is just awesome. She's 8" tall and there are only 500 of her in the whole wide universe so, quick like a bunny, you'd better snag one up before they disappear forever.


Jayunderscorezero said...

Gah! I need that Glory figurine!

I would of course gladly exchange it for an actual Buffy animated series(!), of course.

AndrewCrossett said...

I have "End of Days Buffy" and "Tough Love Willow" from this maquette series standing proudly atop my television set. I'm waiting for the Faith one that's supposed to be out next year, to complete my "ass kicking BtVS girls" collection.