Friday, July 10, 2009

Jo Chen's Got Talent

It shouldn't surprise most when I say that I'm a little disappointed with the Buffy comics lately. It's more the pace of the thing and this ongoing Twilight mystery that has me somewhat annoyed and left a little...empty. I will say that the last issue with the Buffy/Giles love (eww, not that kind) was a refreshing improvement. Check out Bitsy's Bearded Buffyfest Review for a more entertaining and coherent explanation of the greatness of the issue.

There is one thing I never grow tired of in regards to these comics and that is the amazing cover art of Ms. Jo Chen. The girl has amazing talent. Most times I get more enthralled by the Buffy covers than I do when I venture inside the pages. And as if I was blessed with a gift of my very own, Jo Chen was given the task of drawing the inside art of Dark Horse's recent ecomic, "Always Darkest" which includes a few panels of Angel. Yay! Oh, and it was penned by Joss Whedon, too.

Slayerlit recently interviewed Jo Chen and her intelligence, artsy sensibility and humbleness really shines through. Go here:

Also, don't think that Chen is only able to draw one awesome female super hero. Check out this amazing sketch of Wonder Woman and more of her stuff here.


Dalton the Hardcore Doofus said...

I'm looking forward to beginning Season 8. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to go with the books or individual comics, however. Any recommendations on which way I should go?

Jayunderscorezero said...

Ooh, this post gives me ideas. Comic-related ideas. I know I'm not officially guest blogger any more, but would it be ok if I threw something together anyway?