Monday, July 27, 2009

SDCC recap, Heidi's notes and more!

If you haven't already been recapped on the events of the weekend, Heidi was nice enough to be our correspondent on the left coast and she gave us her SDCC show notes:

Chuck panel notes:

- website was launched.
- Adam Baldwin wants ANOTHER action figure. Lol. Kept mentioning Joss to get applause.
- Jeffster performed! Awesomeness.
- No real plans for season 3. Jotted down ideas from audience. Could come back sooner than we've heard.

Dollhouse panel notes:

- Alexis Denisof will be in some episodes in season 2.
- Felicia Day and the other two from Epitaph One will be back.
- Still trying to negotiate getting Summer Glau.
- Joss still likes to kill people.

- Time travel will not be used to change the events of EO, but they were memories which are subjective. Some things may not happen the way we think they will in those memories.

Jane Espenson (BSG) panel notes:

- Caprica will premiere Jan 22, 2010.
- Jane Espenson says to reach out to the Buffy fans to watch Caprica. Basically, there's an angry teenage girl and a robot. Buffy fans should find something to love.

Thanks a lot Heidi!

In other news, Newsarama did a fantastic recap of the IDW panel. Go over there to check it out. Some highlights include:

Chris Ryall  announced the release of a Fallen Angel - featuring Illyria - omnibus sometime in mid-2010 (the entire DC run of Fallen Angel along with the IDW run will be presented in the omnibus.)

Brian Lynch next informed readers of a new tongue-in-cheek two-part story where Angel and Spike actually infiltrate San Diego Comic-Con because a movie has been made (in the comic) about Angel and his heroics after saving Los Angeles from Hell in the aptly titled Last Angel in Hell. The movie itself will be depicted in the 40-page Angel Annual in December 2009; the annual boasts Angel-centric meta-fictional advertisements as well.

[We actually spoke to Brian about this back in February and he expanded on some of the scenes in our interview with him here.]

The launch of a Spike monthly title written by Brian Lynch with artwork by Urru in will be in 2010. It deals with the aftermath of After the Fall. 

Also upcoming is Angel: A Hole in the World, a five issue mini-series which adapts an episode of the original television show into comic book form. This announcement garnered a big response from the audience.

After his two-part project, Brian Lynch will be leaving the Angel title. Bill Willingham and Bill Williams will be taking over as writer for the Angel ongoing starting with issue #28. The two Bills discussed their plans, with Williams telling back-up character stories in each issue. Willingham confirmed that Angel would be disappearing from the pages of his own book and that Connor would be taking over in his dad’s place for a while.

Ryall called Scott Lobdell up to the panel and announced the release of a new five issue Illyria mini-series where she and Gunn go on a road trip together. Ryall notes that this is also a story that depicts Gunn’s struggles with not being a vampire any longer and it also explores his first encounter with a vampire.

And there you have it!


Anonymous said...

Spike is so cool. Way better than Angel (barf). James Marsters can act circles around David Boreanaz. I'd like Angel better if they had cast someone else. Boreanaz is about as dull as my mother's 20 year old set of butter knives. I knew Boreanaz lacked talent when he showed up on the first episode of Buffy. He was definitely the LCD of the Buffy cast. Just my opinion, though.
I might even try to get the Spike comics when they come out. I'm going to have access to Buffy Season 8 hopefully pretty soon. It'd be cool if Spike showed up there, too.
I haven't seen Dollhouse yet (my brother has it reserved for me at the library, though). My question is why does Whedon always use the same actors for his series? Alexis Denisof, Faith, Amy Acker(she has talent) in Dollhouse. Same deal with Firefly. Whedon put that priest dude from Buffy in Firefly. Why does Whedon do this?

Alex B.

rayna said...

Alex B, re "why does Whedon use the same actors for series?"

If you have a big bag full of awesome, amazing, talented people why go anywhere else? Also it makes long time fans of original charicters happy to see the people that play them working with there favorite creator/writer/director/king of our universe.

P.s. Don't knock Angel til you've tried him evil....yum!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, rayna.

Alex B.