Friday, July 24, 2009

Scott Allie confirms "The Guild" Comic

So, hey, you like Felicia Day, right? You might even say you are super, crazy in love with her, yes? And, of course, you also has the Guild love, don't you? Uh huh... I thought so. Well, good news, Buffyfesters, Scott Allie confirmed to Buffyfest yesterday that there will be a Guild comic produced through Dark Horse. And you know what? It sounds awesome.

Not only is it going to be written by Felicia, but it's also looking like we'll be getting two separate artists working on the book: one to handle the real world and one to draw the WoW world in a classic, fantasy comic style. As to the length, Scott tells us it'll be a three issue miniseries followed by a TPB release. I'm a huge fan of the Guild and the concept sounds super exciting so, you know, yay.

Stay tuned for more SDCC news tomorrow. We have an exclusive interview with Scott Allie about all the big Whedony news!

Awesome Guild Panel update: Now with Costumey goodness!


PatShand said...

That is fantastic. Did they imply if it would be a one-shot or an on-going?

Bitsy said...

Just checked with Scott. It'll be a three issue mini followed by a release of the whole thing as a TPB.