Monday, July 27, 2009

Preview of New Brian Lynch Angel Comics

Brian just posted a host of images for his upcoming Angel books and, while I won't post them all, I would like to show a few I kind of love. the rest can be viewed on Brian's page here.

First of all I just love how freakin' meta this is. I mean, Angel and Spike at SDCC? That's just too perfect for words. How many people cosplaying as them do you think they'll be? I bet it'll be like that last picture from Where's Waldo where everyone looks exactly like him. Too much? Hey, dude, come on... Where's Waldo is awesome and you know it. Could this be a little on the side of cheese? Sure. But Angel is nothing if not a little cheesetastic and this series certainly could use it after all the drama from AtF. The point is: excited bitsy is excited. Moving on...

I suppose I should simply say that I'm excited about Spike finally getting an ongoing of his very own but all I can think is WHO THE HECK IS THAT STANDING NEXT TO HIM??!?! Is it a straight-haired version of Spider? Illyria? Gwen? A really modernly dressed Drusilla? Or is it someone brand spanking new? EDIT: It's Beck and I should have known that. D'oh. Still, I'm wondering who else might turn up in this series? I'm assuming the always hilarious Betta George will be there but who else might we see? Ponderous, Buffyfesters. Once again: excited bitsy is excited. Woo!


arranee said...

First of: Sooo looking forward to these, though I also love Dru and I'm really 'curious bout "her" issues

Secondly: the girl next to Spike is Beck from the "Spike: Asylum" Comics. Though I'd love it to be Dru or Illyria ;)

Skytteflickan88 said...

Beck can also be seen in Spike:
Shadow puppets. Great reads, both comics.

Robyn L. said...

Yeah, I came to post the same thing. Beck someone apparently the fans were loving, she (obviously) has fire powers, (not so obviously) she bonded with a fire elemental when she was young and she may or may not have great control of them, another interesting female choice for spike.. A slayer who could slay him, Illyria the demi-god from hell, and now a woman who could burn up an extra flammable vampire.

Yeah Spike has had his own 2 series and they are pretty good and have become at least semi-canon because Brian Lynch has brought many of the elements from them into the Angel After the Fall: Spike Asylum, Spike Shadow Puppets, Spike after the fall.

Also just a quiz thing of note, Beck has a cameo in the last (as of this time)Angel issue where Gunn goes off to drop off that chick. She's saying she can cook the meat for the other guy.